Album review: ’25’ by Adele

This holiday season, be thankful for Adele and her ability to make you feel nostalgic for people and emotions you didn’t even know you had. You’ll find yourself belting out ballads about love and heartbreak like you wrote the lyrics yourself.

| TV Editor

Album review: ‘Garden of Delete’ by Oneohtrix Point Never

During a faux interview published on a promotional website for his new album, “Garden of Delete,” Daniel Lopatin reflected on the inspiration behind the album, the eighth solo effort under his Oneohtrix Point Never guise: “Basically I’m just seeing how long I can stand in the bathroom with the lights off before I freak out.”

Harry Butt | Staff Writer

JoJo opens up to audience at Old Rock House in Soulard

At 24 years old, Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque, better known as her stage name, JoJo, has already been a presence in the music industry for over 10 years. She performed on a rainy Tuesday night at St. Louis’ own Old Rock House to an audience of older, dedicated fans.

Jessie Colston | Contributing Writer

Twenty One Pilots harmonize on All Hallows’ Eve

Amidst the darkness of Chaifetz Arena on this past Saturday’s misty Hallows’ Eve, many excited Twenty One Pilots fans sat awaiting a frighteningly fantastic musical experience.

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Deafheaven storms The Ready Room

When bands get caught up in a whirlwind of Internet-induced hype, it can more often than not take something away from their art. This sometimes acts as a natural population check for guitar bands, filtering out those who lacked the staying power anyway. For Deafheaven, however, it’s an injustice. When the Bay Area five-piece released its 2013 masterpiece “Sunbather,” it caused a stir—and rightly so.

Harry Butt | Contributing Writer

Album review: ‘Revival’ by Selena Gomez

“More than just survival/This is my revival,” Selena Gomez sings on the opening and titular track of her newest album, “Revival.” With these words, she sets the vibe for the rest of the record.

| TV Editor

Melanie Martinez provokes discussion with ‘Cry Baby’

You could tell Melanie Martinez was touring to support her first album as she paced back and forth on the Off Broadway stage this past Saturday. For starters, she was trotting along in front of huge, illuminated alphabet blocks that spelled out the name of the album, “Cry Baby,” but what is perhaps more revealing was the young artist’s seeming unease.

Jessie Colston | Contributing Writer

Sanders sings the songs of social change

With all of the excitement surrounding the news of a presidential debate to be held here at Washington University next year, it seems fitting to know a little more about the potential candidates that may set foot on our Brookings Quadrangle.

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Smallpools lights up the Gargoyle

The crowd was starting to get edgy after over an hour of generic dance music from opener Hotel Garuda (a whisper in the crowd asked, “Has this all been one song?”), when suddenly the Gargoyle finally plunged into full darkness. Startled back into awareness, students cheered as Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” began to echo throughout the small space.

| Music Editor

Royal Blood’s Ben Thatcher talks influences, writing process

The British rock band Royal Blood has been garnering quite a lot of attention lately. They count the Arctic Monkeys, Foals and Jimmy Page among their fans. This past February, they won the Best Live Band and Best Live Band categories at the New Musical Express awards, as well as Best British Band at the Brit Awards.

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