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An impossible feat, and I repeat: On the enduring weirdness of Outkast

It was a time-honored tradition for music festival junkies. Every year, as the Coachella lineup prediction machine began to plug away, Outkast’s name would inevitably appear among the long-shot rumored headliners. Everyone knew it was a pipe dream, but still, we held out hope that the profoundly innovative hip-hop duo would one day bury the hatchet.

Endless, nameless: Remembering Kurt Cobain and his everlasting influence

In the past, we didn’t like our rock stars hurt. We wanted gods, larger-than-life beings immune to everyday humdrum. We wanted Springsteen, embodying the rugged ideals of the blue-collar man, without the chronic back pain. We wanted David Bowie, beaming in from another planet, his identity as flexible as ours was static.

Album review: ‘Strangers,’ by RAC

As electronic music becomes more respected and entrenched in the music establishment—and a remix has become much more than a simple reworking of a song—the genre is taking off as a hotbed for musical experimentation. RAC’s new album, “Strangers,” is evidence that electronic artists can create music that is more than just synth and bass but genuine artistry.

Album Review: ‘Here and Nowhere Else’

Lo fi is a cop-out—a big, fat, red flag warning listeners of low-grade songwriting and even sloppier mixing. It’s an excuse, a desperate overture toward the increasingly irrelevant notion of underground authenticity.

Album review: ‘Shakira’ by Shakira

Shakira’s 10th studio album, “Shakira,” was released last week. This is her first English album since “She Wolf” in 2009, although she also released “Sale el Sol” in 2010 in Spanish. The eponymous album features many different sounds, as Shakira experiments with different styles including reggae, rock and folk, as well as styles she’s more used to, like pop, dance and acoustic. The songs included in the album show off the range in Shakira’s talent and abilities as a musician.

Song of the Day: “Dreamers” by Scavenger Hunt

For today’s Song of the Day, I’ve chosen “Dreamers” by rising Los Angeles-based band Scavenger Hunt. Check out the full writeup on the Student Life blog. In addition, Student Life conducted a brief email interview with the band.   Student Life: Who would you consider your biggest musical influences? Scavenger Hunt: Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Madonna, [...]

Album Review: Pharrell Williams’ “G I R L”

It’s been almost eight years since Pharrell Williams’ debut solo album, “In My Mind,” was released, but Williams has kept plenty busy since then.

Album review: Eagulls

For fans of  Gang of Four, Iceage, Radkey Singles to download ‘Amber Veins,’ ‘Opaque’ One thing you should know about Eagulls before you listen to their self-titled debut album is that they probably don’t care if you like it or not. Like just about any commercial market, the music industry is a game, and these Leeds [...]

Album Review: St. Vincent

I’m convinced Annie Clark is an alien. Don’t believe me? Take one glance at the cover of her fourth solo album under the St. Vincent moniker. You’ll find her staring with laser-like intensity, arms symmetrically perched on a space-age throne, while she sports a jagged shock of white hair and a sleek purple chrome dress. She certainly looks the part.

Walk the Moon to headline WUStock, CS40 exec pics indicate

Using an anagram made up of executive board members’ Facebook profile pictures, CS40 unofficially announced late Sunday night that Walk the Moon would headline WUStock 2014, which will be held on Saturday, April 5. Walk the Moon is a Cincinnati-based indie pop band most famous for the singles “Anna Sun” and “Tightrope” off the band’s 2012 self-titled album.

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