Album review: ‘Islands’ by Bear’s Den

No, the dining hall did not just release an album; Bear’s Den is also a legitimate band. And over the summer, Bear’s Den released a very important music video for its song “Elysium,” the newest single to be included on its fall album “Islands.”

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

Album Review: ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift

I thought she’d done it, I really did. I thought, after 10 months devoid of blockbuster albums and full of disappointment, Taylor Swift would finally give us a world-conquering record we could all get behind. See, I’d briefly reached pop nirvana after my 50th run through “Shake It Off,” and I wanted more—12 songs more, to be exact. Heck, I’d take two as effortlessly life-affirming as my retroactive songs of the summer.

| Music Editor

Album review: ‘Anything Goes’ by Florida Georgia Line

Turn on a country radio station these days and after a while you’ll feel like you’re listening to the same song about trucks and beer over and over again. A full run-through Florida Georgia Line’s new album, “Anything Goes,” produces pretty much a similar experience; only a couple of slower tracks offset the list of rollicking country songs about back roads and day drinking that all seem to blend together around about the halfway mark.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Album Review: ‘Everything Will Be Alright in the End’ by Weezer

Like much of Weezer’s post-“Maladroit” output, “Everything Will Be Alright” represents a lighter, frothier version of the band. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Cuomo’s the kind of songwriter who can produce earworms on autopilot. At the least, the entire album is agreeable, if not remarkable, but Cuomo’s lyrics are another matter.

| Music Editor

Kris Allen to perform at Gargoyle Thursday

Tonight, for the grand finale of Olin Business Week, fondly termed “Olinpalooza,” season eight “American Idol” winner Kris Allen is coming to The Gargoyle.

| Staff Writer

Chance the Rapper takes over Chaifetz

Walking into Chaifetz Arena this past Saturday to see Chance the Rapper perform, I was completely unsure of what to expect. His musical style is intriguing, to say the least. It encompasses elements of gospel, classic soul, blues-rock, juke, acid jazz and house. Rather than being buried by all the different styles, Chance the Rapper seems to make it work.

Aysswarya Manoharan | Contributing Writer

Whatever happened to…B*Witched?

If you don’t remember scream-singing along to B*Witched’s1998 hit single “C’est La Vie” (admittedly, this is less likely if you weren’t a girl), then you probably missed out on a large part of childhood.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

“Cheek to Cheek” by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Did anyone ask for this? Anyone? You? You asked for this? Listen, I get it. It sounds crazy enough: a collaboration between Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, singing jazz standards no less.

| Music Editor

Album review: ‘You Haunt Me’

Sir Sly’s debut is immensely impressive in that it was able to build beautifully upon an already flawless EP. The band’s sound can only be characterized as brilliant darkness.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

You change all the lead in my head: 10 years of Arcade Fire’s “Funeral”

On its stunning debut album, “Funeral,” which celebrated its 10th anniversary last Sunday, Arcade Fire spun the pain of loss (the album’s name was inspired by the pervasive familial deaths that occurred while recording it) into its childhood hopes and dreams, creating something that’s both deeply personal and widely relatable.

| Music Editor