Whatever happened to…B*Witched?

If you don’t remember scream-singing along to B*Witched’s1998 hit single “C’est La Vie” (admittedly, this is less likely if you weren’t a girl), then you probably missed out on a large part of childhood.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

“Cheek to Cheek” by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

Did anyone ask for this? Anyone? You? You asked for this? Listen, I get it. It sounds crazy enough: a collaboration between Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, singing jazz standards no less.

| Music Editor

Album review: ‘You Haunt Me’

Sir Sly’s debut is immensely impressive in that it was able to build beautifully upon an already flawless EP. The band’s sound can only be characterized as brilliant darkness.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

You change all the lead in my head: 10 years of Arcade Fire’s “Funeral”

On its stunning debut album, “Funeral,” which celebrated its 10th anniversary last Sunday, Arcade Fire spun the pain of loss (the album’s name was inspired by the pervasive familial deaths that occurred while recording it) into its childhood hopes and dreams, creating something that’s both deeply personal and widely relatable.

| Music Editor

Album review: ‘Crush Songs’

The songs of Karen O’s first solo album, “Crush Songs,” are hardly perfectly shaped, but they reveal an honesty and love that is sometimes hard to capture in any other way.

| Staff Writer

LouFest’s Best Musical Moments

Although LouFest this year was filled with high-energy sets from bands as disparate as Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue and Grouplove, the budding festival that is beginning to fully come into its own pulled it off. Here are four of our writers’ favorite shows from the weekend, proving that LouFest is nothing if not about solid, live music in a beautiful setting.

Album review: The Kooks, ‘Listen’

For fans that are used to the usual smooth, indie rock style of the Kooks, their newest album, “Listen,” will undoubtedly be a bit jarring.

Kendall Carroll | Contributing Reporter

Icona Pop will keep the party going ‘All Night’

Social Programming Board announced last night that Icona Pop will headline this year’s fall W.I.L.D. on Oct. 24. While the Swedish dance-pop group might not have been the most inspired choice on SPB’s W.I.L.D. survey, they were probably the most fitting (and obviously the most popular) option, which gives us high hopes for an energetic, crowd-pleasing show.

| Social Media Director

LouFest 2014: The year of the big shrug

LouFest has a diversity problem. That much was clear just by glancing at this year’s lineup, which was heavy on inoffensive indie rock and…not much else. Hip-hop? You had to wait until the festival’s final set (though it was more than worth the wait) to see a single master of ceremonies. Rhythm and blues? Largely tucked away into the festival’s side stages. Punk? Metal? Nowhere to be found.

| Music Editor

Dream LouFest Schedules

Still confused on how to spend your weekend at LouFest? Check out four of our writer’s schedules to help you figure out where you should be and when you should be there, including the necessary snack breaks that will keep you going through the day.