Sanders sings the songs of social change

With all of the excitement surrounding the news of a presidential debate to be held here at Washington University next year, it seems fitting to know a little more about the potential candidates that may set foot on our Brookings Quadrangle.

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Smallpools lights up the Gargoyle

The crowd was starting to get edgy after over an hour of generic dance music from opener Hotel Garuda (a whisper in the crowd asked, “Has this all been one song?”), when suddenly the Gargoyle finally plunged into full darkness. Startled back into awareness, students cheered as Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” began to echo throughout the small space.

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Royal Blood’s Ben Thatcher talks influences, writing process

The British rock band Royal Blood has been garnering quite a lot of attention lately. They count the Arctic Monkeys, Foals and Jimmy Page among their fans. This past February, they won the Best Live Band and Best Live Band categories at the New Musical Express awards, as well as Best British Band at the Brit Awards.

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Album review: ‘What a Time to Be Alive’ by Drake & Future

“What a Time to Be Alive,” the new mixtape from Drake and Future, is the musical equivalent of a heat check.

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With a little help from my friends: Cadenza’s dream guests for Taylor Swift’s Scottrade Center shows

This Monday and Tuesday, Taylor Swift will bring her 1989 World Tour to St. Louis’ own Scottrade Center. Swift has drawn attention for bringing out high-profile guests during nearly every show on this tour; the list runs the gamut from Mick Jagger to Julia Roberts to the U.S. women’s soccer team. In anticipation of the Scottrade shows, Cadenza shares its dream guests.

Album review: ‘Didn’t He Ramble’ by Glen Hansard

After hearing his second solo album, “Didn’t He Ramble,” it is safe to say that Glen Hansard certainly did—but in a good way. Deviating from his rock past as well as his Oscar-winning work in the folk musical “Once,” Hansard offers a somewhat formulaic combination of the two distinct genres in his new album.

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Album review: ‘Honeymoon’ by Lana Del Rey

Lana’s on her honeymoon and she just wants to get high by the beach. If there’s anything her silky smooth vocals and heartbroken lyrics on her new album, “Honeymoon,” might make you want to do, it’s just that.

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Why more artists are ‘pulling a Beyonce’ and what this means for the music industry

It’s not news to most that the music industry has become vastly digitalized, revolutionizing our ability to hear and buy songs from our favorite artists and bands via a plethora of online and app-based sources. But the latest trend of surprise albums, directly fueled by the music industry’s use of the Internet, may prove to be the next step in the industry’s evolution.

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Your comprehensive guide to making the most of LouFest

While this year’s edition of LouFest lacks the big-name star power of years past, there are still plenty of acts that will make your weekend worthwhile. Cadenza recommends the following artists.

EXCLUSIVE: American Wrestlers front man is ready for LouFest

Just a man and his Tascam 8-track recorder. That is the simplistic success story behind the creation of American Wrestlers, one of the newest bands performing at LouFest this weekend.

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