For a Good Time, Call…

Ali Guttridge | Contributing Writer
directed by
Jamie Travis
and starring
Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Justin Long

As I settled into my theater seat with my best friend on one side and a large, elderly stranger on the other, I was expecting a fun, unique and (of course) crude comedy. “For a Good Time, Call…” delivered all of that and more in Jamie Travis’s feature-length directing debut. Co-written by Katie Anne Naylon and Lauren Miller (who is also one of the acting stars), the movie finds two young women with a less-than-perfect history and a mutual need to find a decent apartment in New York City while looking for work. The main characters, Lauren (Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) are brought together by their mutual friend Jesse (Justin Long) and serve as complete foils to one another. Lauren is a buttoned-up overachiever, and Katie is a wild and crazy free spirit. Based on their desperate need to pay the bills, the girls combine their talents to start what becomes a very lucrative phone sex line. Scandalous, right? In the end, they learn valuable lessons from one another as a result of stepping out of their individual comfort zones.

The first 20 minutes or so had me worried as they were comprised mainly of questionable acting, a choppy plot line and seemingly rushed scenes. Although the two main actresses start off a bit weak and underdeveloped, I wished I could be their third best friend by the end of the movie. Once the story got rolling, I was hooked and could not stop chuckling and gasping at the hilarious sequence of events that ensued, including a cameo from Seth Rogen, Miller’s real-life husband. Things turned R-rated very quickly, causing me to cringe in discomfort in my seat a few times when I remembered I was sitting right next to a complete stranger.

Overall, this movie was a great mood-booster in the midst of a hectic week but probably one I would only recommend to a group of girlfriends looking for a good laugh. It was surprisingly charming and thoroughly entertaining, but for a date night or family movie night you may want to try something else to avoid the inevitable awkward feeling that is caused by so many of this film’s scenes. I also recommend sandwiching yourself between friends or doing your best to leave an empty seat between you and the stranger next you, a lesson I learned far too late. This movie is the ultimate guilty pleasure chick flick. For a good time, go see it.