Movie review: ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

When you are a super-soldier who has World War II-era American values but now has to deal with modern-day life in 2014, who can you really trust? “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” tries to answer this main question as it thrusts Captain America Steve Rogers, once again played by hunky Chris Evans, back into action.

Elena Wandzilak | TV Editor

Movie Review: ‘Divergent’

“Divergent,” a film based on author Veronica Roth’s young adult series of the same name, attempts to carve its place among other blockbuster teen movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter.

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Movie review: ‘Nymphomaniac: Vol. I’

Lars von Trier is a world-class provocateur, perhaps the boldest, most shameless in cinema today. He toes the line between art house hero and outright troll with anything but delicacy, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

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Cadenza predicts the Oscars

The 86th annual Academy Awards will air Sunday night on ABC. Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, this year’s awards ceremony features an impressive array of nominees. Here are Cadenza’s predictions of who will win in the major categories. BEST PICTURE ‘12 Years a Slave’ ‘American Hustle’ ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ ‘Gravity’ ‘Her’ ‘Nebraska’ ‘Philomena’ ‘The Wolf of […]

Talk about the Passion: ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ 10 years later

To say it was controversial would be an understatement. Anti-Semitism, excessive violence, scriptural deviation—the charges leveled against it were numerous and fierce, with many coming months before the film’s release. It certainly didn’t help that Mel Gibson—no Boy Scout himself—was the film’s primary creative force. (He both directed and co-wrote it.

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DVD review: ‘All Is Lost’

Back in his heyday, Robert Redford was the very definition of handsome. I’m sure there was a time when it seemed he would escape the physical decay that signals our march toward death, but he didn’t. Bags, wrinkles and flab have replaced the radiance of his youth. Sure, he doesn’t look bad for 77, but he’s no longer Robert Redford the movie star.

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Movie Review: ‘American Hustle’

[rating stars=4] Even if you wandered into “American Hustle” two hours late and only caught the closing credits, you’d know that it’s going to be a major awards show contender this season. Directed by David O.

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Movie Review: ‘Her’

A man falls in love with an operating system. Cue jokes about introverted geeks who rely on the Internet for social interaction, or maybe a scathing critique of how technology runs our lives, blah blah blah. We’ll get the inevitable scene in which the protagonist’s friend shakes him from his techno-stupor.

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‘Catching Fire’ ignites an already fascinating story

It’s hard to critique a movie adaptation of a beloved book objectively. Naturally, we fans want to nitpick over every tiny change and lament how such-and-such character doesn’t look the same way we imagined. In the best-case scenario, though, having read the book will bias our opinion of the movie positively since the film tells the same story that we know and love.

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More than nostalgia? Revisiting ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’

Holidays carry a certain mystical quality as a child. You may not understand their meanings, but the rituals have a magnetic pull nonetheless. Among the most sacred rituals of my childhood were the “Peanuts” holiday specials. With 46 television specials to his name, Charlie Brown was an ever-present fixture in the Matousek household.

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