2012: The year of Channing Tatum

Caroline Gutzbehal | Cadenza Writer

“Step Up,” released in 2006, began the era of Channing Tatum dominating the world of extremely attractive male actors. Girls all over America were screaming with a new obsession with the often-shirtless Channing Tatum. While he met his future wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, on the set of “Step Up,” the nation met his good dance movies and hot body.

However, 2012 was a new year for Tatum—and his best yet. Tatum was everywhere in 2012. With the release of five top-charting movies (“Haywire,” “10 Years,” “The Vow,” “21 Jump Street” and “Magic Mike”), he was a clear box office favorite. As he raked in the millions, he also showed off his versatility as an actor. Playing such different roles, he highlighted his ability to be romantic and dreamy in “The Vow,” funny and goofy in “21 Jump Street” and jaw-droppingly gorgeous (and even serious) in “Magic Mike.” In 2012, we saw so much of Channing Tatum (including his butt) that frankly it’s hard to argue that he didn’t dominate the year.

Still, Tatum ventured into the world of producing with “Magic Mike” (loosely based off of his own stint as a Tampa stripper named Chan Crawford) and “21 Jump Street.” He also expanded his screen time with a multitude of talk show and late night appearances, including “Chelsea Lately,” “Ellen,” “The Tonight Show” and hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

But it wasn’t just girls screaming over his amazing bone structure and muscle tone, both People and GQ bestowed huge honors upon Tatum being named the Sexiest Man Alive and Man of the Year, respectively, with multi-page spreads. The Huffington Post and Forbes Magazine also described him as “the most promising up-and-coming actor” who is poised to “become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.” Rounding out his media boom, Tatum was nominated for numerous awards at the Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards.

As he racked up publicity and notoriety in Hollywood and the media, his Twitter account topped 3 million followers, a figure that excludes all of the misspelled variations of his name that others have created (about 19). Tatum currently has an estimated net worth of $30 million, according to piggysalary.com, and we’re guessing that it’s even higher after the huge successes he experienced this year and his projects in the works.

As 2012 came to an end, it’s clear that America’s fascination with Tatum isn’t close to being over. He has at least four films slated for release this year and has already started planning for 2014. And let us all rejoice in knowing that “Magic Mike 2” is in the works, and we can expect the sexy Tatum genes to be passed along to a Dewan-Tatum baby later this year. We hope to see even more of Channing Tatum in the coming years as he continues to be a fan favorite and flaunts his amazing looks.

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    I love u so much u are so Hot u need to be a striper like on magic mike omg cute