Les Miserables to play at the Fabulous Fox Theatre

Jordan Coley | Staff Writer

The national tour of the Broadway show “Les Miserables,” with stunning direction by Laurence Connor, will be playing at St. Louis’ Fabulous Fox Theatre Dec. 11-16. The Fox Theatre was built in 1929, and since then more than 15 million people have gone there to see movie premiers, concerts, Broadway shows and many more special events.

Victor Hugo originally wrote the novel “Les Miserables” in French in 1845, and since then it has been translated into English and there have been many adaptations, including the 2012 movie-musical starring Hugh Jackman. The touring production includes new staging and redesigned scenery inspired by Victor Hugo’s own paintings.

After spending 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread in early 19th century France, protagonist Jean Valjean breaks parole and turns his life around. He becomes the mayor and factory owner of a town, and even begins taking care of Cosette, the child of one of his struggling workers. However, Javert, one of the officers at Valjean’s prison, eventually figures out his identity and is determined to obtain justice by putting Valjean back in prison. Jean Valjean and Cosette subsequently spend the next decade always on the move as Valjean tries to avoid Javert.

Nine years later, a revolution is brewing in Paris after the execution of one of the only government leaders who shows compassion to the poor. Among the leaders of the revolution are a group of young intellectuals who meet at “The ABC Cafe,” including the romantic Marius Pontmercy, the audacious Enjolras and the intemperate Grantaire.

The revolutionaries boldly fight for what they believe is right, and the energy and courage they put into their efforts is simply compelling to watch. During the planning of the revolution, Marius and Cosette have a chance meeting and fall in love. Their blooming romance is heartwarming to watch, but unbeknownst to Marius, his longtime best friend Eponine is in love with him, which adds a bittersweet element to their love story.

“Les Misérables” is a beautiful story of love, loss and hope in 19th century France. Tickets range from $49-150 at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, located at 527 N Grand Blvd. in St. Louis.