A cappella groups as told by their setlists: The Ghostlights

Jordan Coley | Staff Writer

The Ghostlights, Washington University’s musical theater and soundtrack a cappella group, hosted their fall concert “Trivia Night” Nov. 30. Before each song, the group asked a trivia question that included fun facts about the artists and source material of their performance pieces. Audience members had the option to input their answers in a Google form; and at the end of a night of singing and trivia, the Ghostlights gifted the winners (one of whom was me) snacks as a prize.

One Fine Day

Beautiful, The Carole King Musical
“One Fine Day” was a smooth and enjoyable start to one fine evening of a cappella. It was a very mellow piece, but senior soloist Tria Hain and the block both sounded very pretty.

Dear Theodosia

Soloists Esteban Ortiz and Olivia Wright’s performances on this endearing song were heartwarming both individually and together. Arranged by Tria Hain, this was a great song choice for a musical theater a cappella group.


League of Legends
Junior soloist Roman Accardi does a great job singing this song, and he brims with stage presence; it’s so enjoyable to see how much he loves performing. The block arrangement was very quirky (in a good way).

A Million Dreams

The Greatest Showman
Soloists Rinat Tal and Tria Hain have very different voices, but they both sounded great on this song. The block arrangement was really pretty, and the song was a prime example of the novelty of a group specializing in soundtracks.

Moving Too Fast

The Last Five Years
Senior Olivia Wright both arranged and soloed on this piece, and it was a very interesting twist, as it is typically performed by a man. Wright has a unique voice, and the block arrangement was very fun and playful.

She Used to be Mine

“She Used to be Mine’ is the most popular song from “Waitress,” and the Ghostlights most definitely did it justice. Freshman soloist Maddie Simons was absolutely incredible, and her performance was a standout moment of the evening.


Lazarus, David Bowie Musical
“Changes,” featured in the David Bowie musical and “Shrek 2” was an eccentric number, and the Ghostlights’ performance of it was very enjoyable. Both the solo and block arrangements were very interesting, and Accardi’s joy while beatboxing was infectious.

Another Day of Sun

La La Land
“Another Day of Sun” was such a treat to watch because it was clear how much fun everyone was having onstage. Soloists Emma Flannery, Cade Elliot and Tria Hain were simply delightful in this song. The block arrangement was so upbeat and cute, and it was an excellent way to close out the night.