A cappella groups as told by their setlists: Reverb

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Writer

As the semester winds down, many a cappella groups are putting on concerts. Reverb made their entrance into the Washington University a cappella scene on Sunday Dec. 2. As told by their set list, Reverb came onto the scene with a bang.

Wild Horses

Sophomore Marie Foss’s arrangement of “Wild Horses” started Reverb off by showing off their biggest strengths. Junior soloist Anna Zarov’s high notes absolutely wowed the audience, and the block’s impressive cohesion and enthusiasm carried throughout the set.

If I Had You

Adam Lambert
“If I Had You,” arranged by sophomore Alex Kattan, shows Reverb’s unique take on pop hits. The vibe—somewhere between the original’s smooth pop and a classical choir—was backed up by audience clapping. An infectious energy was built into this song and the set as a whole. After Reverb left the stage, freshman soloist Sonia Sakleshpur remained to perform a remix of the song with the Wash. U. Beatbox Society (WUBS).

Emperor’s New Clothes

Panic! At the Disco
This arrangement by sophomore Andrea Zuzarte takes the creepiness of the original track and turns it up to 11. As the song progressed, Reverb brought in more elements until the performance was almost theatrical in scope. The soloists, sophomores Kattan and Allie Sheets, played off of each other. And if the music itself wasn’t enough, the Juggling Club juggled knives during the bridge. “Emperor’s New Clothes” showed just how diverse a Reverb performance can be.

All We Ever Knew

The Head and the Heart
“All We Ever Knew,” arranged by Zarov, was a light, atmospheric interlude. Soloist Joy Chen and the block worked together seamlessly on a song that didn’t quite fit into the high-energy second half of Reverb’s set.

Eye of the Needle

Reverb’s “Eye of the Needle” captivated the audience as it gradually amped up the energy. This number, arranged and soloed on by Zuzarte, can be summed up in one word: powerful. By the bridge, the audience couldn’t keep from cheering, caught up in the strength of the song.

Some Nights

The energy from “Eye of the Needle” carried over seamlessly into “Some Nights,” arranged by Foss. Sophomore soloist Mitchell Brunner’s voice carried over a spectacular block performance as Reverb again showed off their talent for putting new spins on pop hits in their final song.