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‘Big Mouth’ season two shines a light on Planned Parenthood

| Senior Editor

The long-awaited second season of “Big Mouth” came out October 5 on Netflix, and it’s meeting all expectations. After the series premiered on Netflix September last year, viewers knew to expect comedic greatness and a well-balanced look at puberty with this new season. The animated show follows five middle schoolers going through puberty and features fantastical creatures such as “Hormone Monsters” that guide their way through the confusing, icky and altogether hilarious time. Season one hit on themes like masturbation, pornography, relationships and—of course—sex. Season two went deeper.

In this new season, “The Shame Wizard” was introduced as a character and brought along some darker themes. Shame, depression, divorce, drug-use, slut-shaming, abuse and discovering one’s sexuality all appeared in this new season. One of the most noteworthy episodes was devoted entirely to Planned Parenthood.


Season two episode five is titled “The Planned Parenthood Show.” This episode goes in-depth describing what Planned Parenthood actually is and addresses myths surrounding the organization.

The episode opens when the middle-aged physical education instructor, Coach Steve, opens up a sex education class for the kids by writing “Peenas and Sweeties” on the board (he’s obviously not the most informed). He then begins to tell the class that he just very recently lost his virginity, making him qualified to teach the class. He describes it as “making thick in the warm” and immediately the class is confused. They begin asking him if he used a condom (no) and if he’s worried about pregnancy or STDs. Finally, Missy, a notoriously “woke” character, suggests that he go to a doctor or visit Planned Parenthood.

Jay, the most problematic of the crew, meets her suggestion with reproach and calls Planned Parenthood an “abortion factory.” The rest of the show is devoted to informative skits featuring the students’ parents explaining that Planned Parenthood does more than abortions, giving tangible examples of Planned Parenthood’s impact and purpose.

The skits feature birth control choices, STDs, pap smears screening for cancer in a Planned Parenthood-defunded state, vasectomies and abortions. Essentially, the episode hits on the fact that Planned Parenthood is more than an abortion provider and that its other functions are incredibly important.

At a time when President Trump has already made plans to defund Planned Parenthood, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was just confirmed as a Supreme Court judge and there are 13 abortion cases primed to hit the Supreme Court on which the majority leans conservative, this was an incredibly timely piece of media to be released.

Just a day after Kavanaugh was confirmed, this episode premiered on Netflix. It’s an episode that should be a learning tool and a wake-up call. Planned Parenthood’s benefits are extremely easy to understand. Even Coach Steve could understand that “they do medicine for your bathing suit parts.” Yes, Coach Steve, they do medicine for your bathing suit parts; and, more importantly, they do free medicine for the bathing suit parts of many underprivileged women that can’t receive that medicine without Planned Parenthood. This episode gives more sex education than some public schools and is placed in the context of a society at a turning point in women’s health.

Midterms are November 6, and if you’re voting in Missouri, you’re voting for candidates that will affect Planned Parenthood. You can find Planned Parenthood’s list of endorsed candidates for the upcoming election on their website.

“Big Mouth” did well this season. It’s worth the watch, even if you only watch episode five.