A day in the life of Leah, as told by my Spotify playlist

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

8 a.m.: ‘American Beauty / American Psycho’

American Beauty

If you struggle waking up in the morning, try setting the loudest, most obnoxious song on your phone as your alarm. For me, this song is the titular track off Fall Out Boy’s most recent album, “American Beauty/American Psycho.” Patrick Stump’s wailing cuts through the calm silence of my bedroom, jolting me awake. I hit snooze and receive five more blissful minutes of sleepy serenity before Stump’s wretched voice screeches me conscious again, and this time for good.

9 a.m.: ‘Here Comes the Sun’

Here Comes the Sun

The walk from the South 40 to Danforth Campus is always dreary, but this constant overcast sky and drizzling rain makes it 10 times worse. Paired with midterm season, the days look pretty bleak. However, the classic Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” is the perfect pick-me-up. Let the calming rhythm flow through your body, and soon you’ll feel yourself smiling despite all the gloominess.

10 a.m.: ‘Get’cha Head in the Game’

High School MusicalAaron Brezel | Student Life

It’s the first lecture of the day, and it’s time to get focused. In times like these, I call upon the most inspirational person I know: Troy Bolton. “Get’cha Head in the Game” is a total bop, and if a fictional basketball player singing about his conflicting love of musicals doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.

11 a.m.: ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’

Hit Me With your Best ShotAaron Brezel | Student Life

As I walk into my next class, I’m greeted with a freshly printed quiz laying on my desk. Quizzes are my enemy. General Chemistry quizzes, Latin quizzes, Management quizzes—they’re all terrible. However, this time, I’ve actually studied. I’m still not entirely prepared, but I’m more prepared than usual. I lock eyes with my professor, and Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” fills my mind. I got this.

12 p.m.: ‘Shake It Off’

Shake If OffAaron Brezel | Student Life

Unfortunately, I did not have that quiz; maybe I should’ve studied for more than an hour. If you’re leaving a quiz or exam completely wrecked, put on Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” Even if you hate her, it’s catchy, goofy and upbeat. You can’t change what happened in the past; what’s done is done. You’ll just have to work harder and do better next time!

1 p.m.: ‘Umbrella’

UmbrellaAaron Brezel | Student Life

Because it’s St. Louis, it’s now raining harder than it was this morning. A simple rain jacket won’t suffice. Surrounding Mudd Field is a sea of different colored umbrellas. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and can’t plan ahead, the closest thing to an actual umbrella you have is Rihanna’s peppy “Umbrella,” which doesn’t keep you very dry. It’s okay; a little water never hurt anybody.

2 p.m.: ‘What Do I know?’

What Do I knowAaron Brezel | Student Life

Scrolling through Facebook, it’s natural to get frustrated with all the negativity in the world, from politics to school shootings. It’s important, then, to honor the message of Ed Sheeran’s “What Do I Know?,” with its inspirational chorus “Love can change the world in a moment/ But what do I know?” Any bit of love or positivity can change someone else’s world instantly. If, like me, you’re discouraged by the overwhelming negativity in the media, let yourself be serenaded by Sheeran; be reassured that every smile you throw and every compliment you give is sometimes enough of a positive change for the world.

3 p.m.: ‘Oxford Comma’

Oxford CommaAaron Brezel | Student Life

Sitting in Olin, rereading and editing papers can be incredibly mind-numbing; eventually, words don’t even look like words, just meaningless blobs. As I stare at my computer wondering if I’ve used too many semicolons, Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma” drifts into my mind. Punctuation is so weird. Half the time we use the oxford comma, and the other half it’s strictly forbidden. Who even thought of the comma in the first place? My mind begins to wander, and soon I’ve wasted my entire half hour break contemplating the value of punctuation in society. If you’re sick of editing papers, I highly suggest listening to this song as emotional support.

4 p.m.: ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’

Living on a PrayerAaron Brezel | Student Life

Classes for today are officially over. As I walk back to my dorm ready to relax, I mentally run through everything I have to get done tonight. Even though classes are finished, I still have at least six more hours’ worth of work to get done. Track practice, laundry, readings and problem sets seem endless, and all I want to do is take a yearlong nap. Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” has never been more relatable. I’m only halfway done with my day and am definitely relying on the power of prayer.