Rewind: This season of ‘the Bachelor’ before hometowns

Alana Raper | Contributing Writer

This season of “The Bachelor” is the first in the franchise that I have religiously watched. Usually I’m the kind of casual viewer who watches the highlights and the trending section on Twitter. After watching the last half of Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette,” I was excited to see who would be the new Bachelor, as usually it’s a favorite from a previous season. Surprisingly, “The Bachelor” chose to cast Arie Luyendyk Jr., the runner up from Emily Maynard’s season—over five years ago. This week begins the last major stage of the show, the hometown visits, where Arie and each of his four finalists travel to the finalist’s home town and meet their family. As I am sure you are dying to watch the last moments of this average season, here is a quick rewind for you on the major moments and characters that have defined this season.

The most widely talked about “scandal” in the show was the age difference between Arie, 36, and Bekah M., 22. This point of contention came to a head in this last week’s episode when (now finalist) Tia brought it up with Bekah during the group date, causing Bekah to have one of the best mascara-laden tear moments in “Bachelor” history. Although Arie and Bekah M. had built a good relationship, in the end Arie gave Tia the final group date rose, sending Bekah home and Tia to the “hometowns” episode.

Our villain this season was none other than Krystal, who was eventually eliminated during Week 6 after a two-on-one date with Kendall. Although most were happy to see her go, with her went a majority of the drama of the show. Some memorable moments included her refusal to go to a group date after-party, her interruption of the rose ceremony and a Jimmy Kimmel compilation of interesting noises and sounds she made throughout the season.

My personal favorite part of this season was the fact that there were four Laurens: Lauren S., Lauren B., Lauren J. and Lauren G. Three of the four were blonde and pretty much indistinguishable from each other. Laurens J., G. and S. were all eliminated in the first three episodes, with only Lauren B. still currently in the competition.

Lastly, our hometown finalists are Becca K., Lauren B., Tia and Kendall. Becca K. received the first one-on-one with Arie last week and thus received the first rose. Tia has been a fan favorite from the beginning, but pulled a 180-turnaround on viewers this week when she went to Arie to express her concern about Bekah M.’s age. Kendall has always been a bit of a wild card, from when she asked Arie if he would engage in cannibalism to when she surprised viewers when she empathized and tried to connect with Krystal. Lauren B. was the big surprise of the week, as the audience had not seen much of her until just this past week, when, to the surprise of everyone, Arie declared that he was falling in love with her.

Despite the surprise last episode with Lauren B., I don’t expect too much more out of this season. Although I am interested to see who Arie will choose (as is the point of the show), most of the drama has gone and passed now, and I don’t have a specific favorite going to hometowns. Although, as Rachel’s season proved, there is still always the chance for a huge twist at the end of the season, and I can’t wait to hear the girl’s perspectives on “After the Final Rose.”