MO and Cashmere Cat perform to lackluster Pageant crowd

Kalpana Gopalkrishnan | Contributing Writer

Danish-based pop vocalist MO and Norwegian DJ Cashmere Cat performed at the Pageant on Friday Feb. 2 to a mid-sized crowd. The two artists, who have been on tour together this year, collaborated together in the past on Cashmere Cat’s most recent album “9” with the song “9 (After Coachella).”

Cashmere Cat opened the concert as about a dozen headlights pointed towards the stage, and a blue light was cast over him. The long blonde hair covering his face and the dark lighting created a truly eerie feeling on the stage. In fact, Cashmere Cat is known for rarely showing his face; even many of his press photos cover his eyes.

Though Cashmere Cat played some of his most popular songs, including “Quit” featuring Ariana Grande and “Trust Nobody” featuring Selena Gomez, the audience at the Pageant did not have the energy like the typical crowd at an EDM concert. Hardly any audience members sang along or danced. Nonetheless, Cashmere Cat tried his best to perform for the audience with his unique pop and EDM sound. In addition to songs from his album, he played some of his remixes that originally led him to fame, including one of “Wolves” by Kanye West.

Toward the middle of the concert, MO entered. While her name is not initially familiar to many people, most people know of her voice. As a regular collaborator with Major Lazer, she is featured in both “Lean On” and “Cold Water.” She performed both of those songs at the venue, along with her 2016 hit “Final Song” and “When I Was Young.” Her songs drew much more enthusiasm from the adolescent crowd than Cashmere Cat. With her restless voice and intense gestures throughout her performance, she did not come across as a typical female pop star, and her enthusiasm solidified her rising status as a star in the electropop genre.