Weekend Matinee: The Resident

| Editor-in-Chief

Without a doubt, “Grey’s Anatomy” is the defining medical drama of the 21st century. Currently in its 14th season, “Grey’s” catapulted its creator, Shonda Rhimes, into Hollywood legend status (she recently secured a highly profitable deal with Netflix). It saw guest spots from a diverse array of Hollywood stars, including Demi Lovato, Millie Bobby Brown and Geena Davis. And it spawned not one, but two spinoffs (“Private Practice and “Station 19”).

But “The Resident” is a new show that gives “Grey’s” a run for its money. Matt Czuchry—best known for his work as Logan Huntzberger on “Gilmore Girls”—stars as Conrad Hawkins, one of Chastain Memorial Hospital’s best doctors. Fans of “Gilmore Girls” might see some parallels between Logan and Conrad: Both characters are egotistical but bright—and both get away with their arrogance with a little bit of charm and their dashing good looks.

Conrad’s approach to medicine is unconventional—in the pilot, he urges his new resident, Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal), to stop resuscitating a 21-year-old drug addict—but he is well-meaning in his approach. In addition to following Devon’s training, “The Resident” also highlights Conrad’s tense relationship with the hospital’s chief of surgery, Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood). Dr. Bell is losing his touch—his horrifyingly high accidental death rate is put on display from the get-go—but he continues to perform surgery after surgery, despite the risk posed to his patients.

As with any good medical drama, “The Resident” includes relationship drama. Conrad’s love interest, a beautiful but hard to get fellow doctor, is played by Emily VanCamp, who starred as Emily Thorne on “Revenge.” VanCamp matches Czuchry in charm, making the duo a well-paired team—although “Revenge” fans might prefer to see her alongside her real-life fiance, Josh Bowman.

With only a few episodes under its belt, it’s too early to determine whether “The Resident” has found its place among the medical TV mainstays of years present and past. But, if only for the “will they, won’t they” love story (and the medical malpractice fiasco), “The Resident” is worth giving a try.

Tune into “The Resident” on Fox at 8 p.m. every Monday. The show can also be streamed on the Fox app.