See these instead of ‘House of Cards’ to avoid supporting Kevin Spacey

| Staff Writer

In life, we celebrate many “firsts.” From first words to first of many divorces, the human experience is constantly full of newly observable phenomena. A quite memorable first for me is the first time one of my “favorites” was ruined by a sexually charged scandal. It was when my mother broke the news to me about my favorite United States president, Bill Clinton. Damn you, Bill.
Many people in 2017 are experiencing this disappointing first—the first time one of their “favorites” is tainted by some sort of sex-related scandal. For some, it was the entire genre of comedy (courtesy of Louis C.K.); for others, it was great film (credits to Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck); and still more lost faith in broadcast news (that’s you, Matt Lauer). But for many lovers of political dramas, it was their favorite television show “House of Cards.” So, thanks, Kevin Spacey, for being a real dumpter fire of a person and ruining one of the last shows I actually looked forward to watching. I can’t believe I ever thought Bill would be the last man to disappoint me.

So, to cease my lament, here’s a list of shows to watch instead of “House of Cards” now that we know Kevin Spacey is a predator.



If you were drawn into “House of Cards” by the element of drama, Shonda Rhimes’ pseudo-soap opera with a political bent is sure to keep you watching. “Scandal” follows Washington, D.C.-“fixer” Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her “gladiators in suits,” who work behind the scenes in Washington doing crisis management (read: murder cover-ups and high-profile election rigging). If you want a realistic political drama, “Scandal” isn’t for you. “Scandal” is basically good for three things: drama, sex and Shonda twists.



Follow Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as she navigates life in the executive branch. Spoiler: It’s not exactly what she expected it to be. This sharp, witty satire successfully pokes and prods at the pitfalls of American politics. To be fair, the show was far funnier before the 2016 election turned the American political climate into an acting satire of its former self. Nevertheless, “Veep” is a brilliant work of comedy. Bonus points for anyone who watches “The Thick of It,” the show’s cross-Atlantic inspiration.

The West Wing


This political drama takes a look at the lives of fictitious White House staffers as they navigate Washington politics. If you were a fan of the morally corrupt characters from House of Cards, the unrealistic optimism and moral purity of “The West Wing” may be a disappointment.

Madam Secretary


“Madam Secretary” follows newly appointed Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord as she grows into her role as a major asset for the U.S. government. Did I mention that she’s a former CIA agent and a college professor? The show is entertaining, but the feminized trope of struggling to be a homemaker and a working woman is way overdone.
Stream away, folks. And remember, Claire Underwood was always the true hero of “House of Cards” anyway.