A sad goodbye: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ leaves Netflix

Katie Bry | Contributing Writer

“You know ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is leaving Netflix right?” When my friend said those words, my heart sank and tears literally came to my eyes. (No, Ted, I don’t mean figuratively; don’t even try to correct me right now).

Originally, I watched HIMYM live on TV, as Ted searched for love. With the help of Netflix, almost five years after I saw the end of Ted’s very long story, I have watched the series again and again, probably about three times completely through, in addition to randomly watching random episodes.


I have watched as Ted tried to figure out love, constantly failing miserably and sabotaging himself. I watched Robin conquer her career as a journalist. I watched Barney change and grow as a person, falling back into his playboy habits and learning from himself about what he really wanted in life. I watched Marshall and Lily fall in love a little more each day as they individually developed as people, within their intertwined lives.

One of the things I love about HIMYM is how it tells a story and then will go back and tell you the story again, but with new details that connect the dots. If you think you know everything there is to know about an episode, think again. At the end of an episode, they could reframe the entire story, explaining that Lily was the hunchback the entire time—and now it all makes sense. The stories they tell are not as predictable as other shows; a cleverness that keeps me surprised time and time again.

Whenever I needed a little comfort in my life, I knew that HIMYM would be there for me. When I have trouble sleeping, I constantly find myself in McLaren’s to catch up with Ted and his four best friends to see how they are doing. I know them and their stories so well that I don’t have to pay attention as well, and quite frankly wouldn’t mind falling asleep to it.

Netflix confirmed that HIMYM would be leaving the streaming service Nov. 13. Since Netflix prides itself on having a large percentage of exclusivity with its TV shows—and Hulu, one of Netflix top competitors, gained the rights to HIMYM—Netflix decided to boot the series off their site, according to Polygon.com. It makes me wonder if Netflix really cares about the people that appreciate the streaming services, or if they just care the money that they bring in.

It is so heart-wrenching to become so emotionally invested in characters and their stories only to have them ripped away from you. Netflix has already done this to me. Several shows I love have had their fates sealed by Netflix, including “Greek,” “Scrubs,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “One Tree Hill.”

And now, Netflix, I wish I could say “How I Met Your Mother” will be the last straw. I wish I could say this is the last time you are going to play with my emotions, grant me fictional characters and their stories only for you to pull them away from me. I wish I could be that strong, but excuse me as I continue to indulge in “The Flash,” just hoping that it won’t be taken away from me any time soon.