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Weekend Matinee: ‘Narcos’ on Netflix

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Pablo Escobar is dead. Well, we knew that—he did die 24 years ago, after all. What I meant was Pablo Escobar, as played by Wagner Moura in Netflix’s “Narcos,” was killed by the Drug Enforcement Administration in the finale of the show’s second season. Oh, how the mighty fall.

Yet, Netflix went and re-upped “Narcos” for two more seasons, leaving everyone to wonder: What does a show based around the life of Pablo Escobar become with a dead Pablo Escobar?

It gets even better, that’s what it becomes. With Pablo gone, the Cali Cartel, led by four new godfathers, picks up the cocaine trade right where Pablo left it. Blow still comes to the U.S. in droves, people are still killed to keep the operation going and the DEA still frantically runs around Colombia trying to stem the tide.

You see, “Narcos” was never about Pablo Escobar; it was about cocaine and power, and both of those still exist in abundant supply. As for reoccurring cast members, Pedro Pascal reprises his role as DEA agent Javier Pena, but this time has gotten a promotion and lacks a partner. He still plays fast and loose with the exact letter of the law, but so does pretty much everyone else in this show.

Season three of “Narcos” character-wise is nowhere near the same show that fans came to love character-wise, but everything that made the show compelling is and has been multiplied four times over.

Showtime: “Narcos” season three will debut on Netflix on Sept. 1, 2017