Weekend Matinee: ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ on Netflix

| Senior Cadenza Editor

In a move beyond cliche for an aspiring writer, one of my bedroom walls is covered with old New Yorker magazine covers. But the aesthetic decision has little to do with my love for the magazine’s content and everything to do with how awestruck I am by illustration and cover design. I even came to follow one of the more prolific New Yorker cover designers—Christoph Niemann—on Instagram after being particularly inspired by his virtual reality cover.

So, when Netflix released “Abstract: The Art of Design” with the first episode dedicated to Niemann’s illustration, I was hooked. The show, which profiles designers of all fields—from illustration to shoes, theater sets to photography—combines stunning cinematography with shockingly genuine stories. Diving into Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield’s early life and inspiration gave a window into a creative mind that once denied even being a creative mind.

“Abstract: The Art of Design” probably appeals most to aesthetic nuts like myself, but showcases a diverse enough array of talents that anyone can find a fascinating practice. At the very least, the show lets you sit back and have someone else’s imagination consume your world for an hour

All eight episodes of ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ can be found for free on Netflix.