Audio Philes: Music to chill out to

| Staff Writer

Now that it’s getting warmer out, there are two things that you’re going to want to do more and more: relax and keep cool. In that spirit, this week’s picks center around new, and relatively new, music that you can chill out to. All three of these songs carry a “chill” feel with them through their lyrics and beats.

The first and oldest of these songs, “Winter” off of Khalid’s album “American Teen,” was released at the beginning of March 2017 and takes the concept of chill literally, this song is all about the cold pain of a lost love. Khalid’s voice bounces with the beat of the song to create a melody you almost have to move your head to. The song is filled with a flowing beat that seems to gently pull you through it. “Winter” has great synergy between its vocals and beats, and that synergy creates a listening experience that will get you caught up in the song itself.

The next track is “Total Entertainment Forever” off of Father John Misty’s new album, “Pure Comedy.” “Total Entertainment Forever,” and “Pure Comedy” as a whole, suffers from Misty’s new brand of being either avant-garde or needlessly edgy, depending on your point of view. That being said, the musicality of the song remains excellent. Misty’s rich voice and his use of instruments create a powerful atmosphere. The song rises as Misty seems to get more passionate about his message and social commentary. Father John Misty’s excitement is reflected in the song as it reaches its climax, which then fades to a lamenting ending. The result is a track that feels both fast and slow at the same time and one that can be listened to in a variety of situations.

The final track is “LUST.” off of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “DAMN.”. This song deals with its titular topic and seems to show Kendrick trying fight against his desires. The song features an amazing psychedelic beat which blends in with much of the song. “LUST.”’s beat also lulls the listener as if the listener was going to bed with Kendrick. Lamar’s own voice carries with the beat as he goes deeper into his inner conflict, and he manipulates his voice to reflect the emotional state he’s in at different points in the song. “LUST.” excellently displays Kendrick’s inner turmoil through its sound as much as its lyrics.