Lost Live Blog #5: The Package

“The Package” – by Andie Hutner

8:00 – After a harrowing last couple of schoolwork weeks, I’m back to liveblogging Lost! Yay. Here we go.

8:01 – That was weird security camera footage. I wonder who’s watching them.

8:02 – SmokeyLocke wants to reunite Jin and Sun! That would make me so happy! I wonder if Sun speaks English in sideways land.

8:03 – OMG they’re not married. What’s going on! Why is Sun there if they are not married? In on the business deal?

8:06 – Oh, poor Sayid. He’s ceased to exist in human-world, and is what, a walking zombie? I guess walking zombie if redundant if all they do is walk around mindlessly and eat people’s brains. It’s weird how his “sickness” affected him so much differently than Claire’s did. Confusion. Also, why does Widmore!Army want Jin and no one else? He’s never really been important in the island mythological narrative before. Maybe they’re interviewing all the candidates or something? I wonder if they even know about that.

8:10 – Ooh. Sun is angry. I miss her vegetable garden. That was so fun! This scene has a very season one feel.

8:13 – Oh yay they are still in love! Or definitely in some kind of relationship. That definitely seems pre-existing. Good. Why is she running away from Flocke? I don’t get it. He seems like a good guy. (By the end, Smokey-nowLocke-ManInBlack is my favorite character this season. I have no idea why.) It’s sad I’m so biased towards him.

8:19 – Why isn’t Locke being all Smoke to catch Sun? It’s so much more logical.

8:20 – Ahhhhh what did Sun need to tell Jin? Is she pregnant? That’d be fun. I want them to run away! OMG why is Keamy there. Didn’t Sayid kill him like three episodes ago? Then again, he died and came back to life in the season four finale, so he should basically just go away because I’m sad now.

8:22 – Everyone who was tranq-ed looks so dead on first sight!

8:23 – Such a creepy interrogation room! Jin, come on now. Don’t turn on creepy Clockwork Orange lights. I miss Karl. I want him to go to school with Alex in Ben’s flashback. Anyways. Jin! Stop getting tased!

8:26 – Kate’s name isn’t on the wall anymore??!!!!? Does this mean my 5.5 season long dream of her dying will soon be fulfilled? And yay – “Whatever happens, happens.” Haha, unless you blow up a hydrogen bomb 30 years in the past! And now it’s Operation: Rescue Jin. Yay. A reunion better exist soon.

8:32 – Can I kill Keamy and his assistant? Hopefully he will stay dead and I will stay happy.  Mikhail! Why did they mention him? He’s dead too! I don’t want to see him again. OMG he has two eyes!!!!!

8:35 – Why is this watch so important? Does it have drugs in it or something? Hahaha, Ben’s being blamed for Sun’s attack. And she can’t speak English anymore? It’s like she’s in sideways world! Oh, it’s such a reversal from season one when Sun could speak English and Jin could not!

8:37 – Does anyone remember who guessed that war was coming to island? Because I don’t. I want a Widmore/Ben showdown. They are more fun.

8:42 – Everyone must be so confused because Sun is not being logical! I wish Richard spoke Korean. He’s had so much time to learn languages!

8:44 – This is such a sad Sideways story for Jin and Sun! I just want them to be happy! Oh, I just remembered that in Sayid’s episode Jin was locked in the closet so his death hasn’t happened yet. But Keamy’s so mean! It’s so sad!

8:46 – Oh Widmore just mentioned the eponymous package I wonder what’s inside! Oh the camera photos are so sweet!

8:48 – I really don’t think the world will cease to exist in Flocke leaves the island. I have to root for him because he’s so Lockelike! But who is the package? This is so exciting!

8:52 – I keep seeing commercials for “V” and I want Juliet to come back!

8:53 – Sayid is going to save the day! Why is he so mean? Oh he’s just unhelpful. Boo.

8:55 – Oh Jin is so legit! Yay Sayid! Oh Mikhail just got stabbed! Oh but Sun just got shot! Oh no! The baby she is pregnant with is going to die!

8:57 – Oh a tomato! It’s like LOST knew we just got ours back!

8:58 – And I wouldn’t trust Flocke either, even though I love him. I wish Sun would go with Jack. He is the best. He seems to have recovered from mental-breakdown, so I guess this is a good sign?

9:00 – Tell me what’s in the package! Wait, was that Desmond? It was! Why is bagpipe Amazing Grace playing on the preview? WHY IS SOMEONE GOING TO DIE? NOT OKAY, LOST!!!! Okay. I’m done. Until next week!

  • www.studlife.com

    Lost live blog 5 the package.. Super :)

  • D

    8 episodes to go :(

  • Rob

    I can’t tell if you haven’t been watching the entire season or are just having difficulty keeping track of the various story elements as “Lost” winds toward its conclusion, but your real-time post was certainly fun to read.

    I too, find it somewhat odd that Jin is suddenly so important. These two characters have certainly never been among my favorites (though at times, I HAVE found Jin engaging, Sun has mostly always annoyed me), but I’ve never hated them either. They’ve just seemed, at times, not to really fit the show somehow and to be more distraction than anything else.

    A couple of weeks ago it was much more vague as to whether Pseudo-Locke was truly evil and Jacob truly good, but that’s more and more seeming to be the case. As to the bagpipes during the preview, I think one or more major characters is apt to die next week.

    Overall, I didn’t think this episode was near as entertaining as “Ab Aeterno” (which, for my money, is the season’s best to date) and neither did it move the story along like I would have liked. I *did* enjoy the way it bookended week 5’s “Sundown,” though. Apparently, Martin Keamy is not only evil, but he’s also a *very* busy organized criminal and he’s a multitasker, no less. Bit off a little more than he should have tried to chew with Sayid though. Too bad there can’t be another timeline where he dies yet again.

    In any case, nice blog. Thanks for the read.

  • Reid Ballenger

    Lost is great and confusing show. Glad to read your blog:)