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For Your Entertainment | Adam Lambert

| Cadenza Reporter

As his recent performance on the AMAs proves, Adam Lambert is not one to walk in quietly. He made a splash onto the music scene when he ended up as this year’s “American Idol” runner-up. Adam rose to the top of the competition week after week, not only for his fabulous voice that could hit the highest notes but also for his androgynous look and showy performances. His debut CD, “For Your Entertainment,” dropped last Tuesday, and it is quite the album.

Last spring, I unofficially knew “Idol” performance night as WTF-Tuesdays, because every week, Adam gave an even less predictable performance than he did the week before. This album gives off a similar vibe. Songs range from the synthesizing pop-dance beats of the opening song “Music Again” to the tantalizingly drawn out ballad “Broken Down.” Both songs, like most of the album, showcase Adam’s ridiculously large range that brought him to the top of the pack this season.

Because he can sing just about anything, Adam has been called a vocal chameleon. This is both a positive and a negative on this album. Writing credits on “For Your Entertainment” feature many famous musicians, and it shows. “Soaked,” written by Muse’s Matthew Bellamy, has a Mediterranean vibe that Adam sings wonderfully, but it sounds exactly like a Muse song. And, I’m surprised every time I listen to “Whatya Want From Me” when Adam starts singing. Written by Pink, this unofficial second single sounds exactly like something she would record. Not that I’m complaining. These two tracks are two of my favorites on the record, focusing on a softer side of Adam’s vocals and revealing his own sensitive side.

The title track, “For Your Entertainment,” is a different story. This is a song I would hear in any dance club. The first time I heard it, I stopped in the middle of the song. Adam’s voice sounded processed, like nothing like I’d expect from someone with such beautiful vocals. The slightly sadistic lyrics (“do you know what you got into/ Can you handle what I’m ‘bout to do/ Cuz it’s about to get rough for you/ I’m here for your entertainment”) certainly didn’t help. But then on second and third (and ninth and 10th…) listen, I started to love the song. It has a great beat, and it is perfect for dancing. After half a year of being confined into the “American Idol mold,” Adam is getting to express himself here. And it’s just fun.

Many other songs also highlight Adam’s raw sexual power. “Strut” and “Fever” are two examples. Both feature gender-neutral pronouns like “you,” allowing Adam to ambiguously express his true nature. And they both encourage the listener to get rid of all their inhibitions like Adam did, and, as the producer of “Fever,” Lady Gaga, once pronounced—to just dance. Songs like “If I Got You” and “Sure Fire Winners” give Adam even more opportunity to proclaim who he is and show the world that he honestly doesn’t care what people think of him. And they are just so fun to listen to.

All in all, “For Your Entertainment” is an extremely fun album. It gives Adam slightly less opportunity to showcase his raw vocal power than I was expecting, but I haven’t heard an album in a really long time that made me just want to get up and go crazy as much as this one does—that is, go crazy in a good way.

Rating: 3.5/5
For fans of: Lady Gaga, David Bowie
Songs to download: ‘Whatya Want From Me’, ‘For Your Entertainment’, ‘Soaked’

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  • Guest

    I wasn’t sure about the album because of the cover. But it has the same kid I saw on American Idol in it. Same fantastic vocals – same honest, good kid next door with edge. I now can sing to each song and I love the whole CD. I can’t say the same thing for most CDs just out. I hear 2-3 songs I like and the rest of their album is yawn. Adam Lambert’s cd is fresh, the lyrics have great hidden messages. I can listen all day to it. The AMAs he went out and really showed folks he has sexuality too. That had to be scary as what boy(s) have done that? But Pink got oral sex on live tv during the BBAs and I never heard a single word on that. The Madonna kiss nothing. All of the gay kisses on tv all before 10 pm and nothing. Adam performed at 1055 well after FCC monitoring and he gets banned from ABC. It is a gay hunt. They are trying to pull this kid down and black list him. It is wrong. I’ve banned ABC from my house. I back Adam Lambert.

  • CD in car, CD in home stereo, full album on IPOD (in case I am away from house or car) …. seems to be a typical experience to have a different fav every day. I kinda moved beyond that phase now and just know exactly which song to pick to punctuate my mood – isn’t that the true test of the lasting magic of great music? Excellent job, Adam (and collaborators)

  • MMe

    Thanks for the great review. This is definitely my favorite album of the year, I can’t stop listening to it. Adam’s vocal are insane.

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the great review, this album gets bettter each time I listen to it. I find it quite difficult to pick my fav song.

  • StarFire

    First it is Broken Open not Broken Down and If I Got You is actually If I Had You, did you really listen the CD? if you can’t be accurate how can we take this seriously. Adams first effort is awesome, his CD is exactly what he said it would be, and for the limited time they give the Idols this whole CD is spectacular, every song is a potential hit. Adam is on his way to superstar Icon status

  • TW

    Great Review! I totally agree with u(apart from the score I would of given a 4/5) With what you were saying about his voice being too versitile to the point where he doesnt hav his ‘own voice’ Im surprised you didnt mention ‘Music Again’-which is classic the Darkness, its not even funny! I cant believe Justin gave him that song,cos it would of been a HUGE hit for them, its that good! I also think being versatile isnt a bad thing, it means he can change and move with the times..which means he will be around for even longer. Plus despite his voice being so flexible,his persona and likability wont change.Ah he is going to be HUGE, I know it.

  • irisita69

    “…But then on second and third (and ninth and 10th…) listen, I started to love the song…”

    This applies to the whole Adam Lambert phenomenum. He himself as a person, as an artist,, and everything he does is shocking at first, then accepeted and loved.