Darndest George Clooney movie quotes

(Daniel A. Anderson | MCT Campus)

(Daniel A. Anderson | MCT Campus)

1. Is this your first time being robbed? You’re doing great. (“Out of Sight”)

2. This is why Superman works alone. (“Batman and Robin”)

3. There’s a 95-pound Chinese man with 160 million dollars behind this door. (“Ocean’s Eleven”)

4. I guess, something inside of me died, when I realized that you’d hired a goon to kill me. (“Intolerable Cruelty”)

5. There’s no news, boys, so go out there and make some news. Rob a bank, mug an old lady, whatever—just do something. (“Good Night, and Good Luck”)

  • Brian

    A list of George Clooney quotes and no “O Brother Where Art Thou?”??? I Would be embarrassed to ever admit that I worked for this paper or this section.