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‘Office’ season premiere strong

| Cadenza Reporter

Thursday night welcomed viewers back into the halls of Dunder-Mifflin, where the documentary film crew found the Scrantonites trying to collectively lose weight over the summer. A lot was riding on this episode; many considered the quality of last season to be the uneven, with Michael’s behavior straining the limits of believability and the hour-long episodes buckling under the weight of their extra time. To my relief, “Weight Loss” clocked in as strong episode and a promising start to the new season.

The premiere introduced a number of plotlines which are sure to direct the courses of the next few episodes. Holly Flax, the new HR representative, is still around as the potential love interest of Michael. Amy Ryan deserves a lot of credit here; creating a likeable and sane character who is believably interested in Michael is an impressive accomplishment.

One of the most exciting developments for the new “Office” season was the unexpected return of Ryan Howard. His slimy character and superiority complex were amplified by his promotion to VP last season, and his tumble back down to the bottom of the ladder is ripe for The Office’s dry sense of humor.

Jim and Pam’s relationship may have actually been the least interesting part of the episode, but thankfully the writers spiced up the rather mundane long-distance relationship storyline with a surprising twist sure to excite loyal fans of the show.

“Weight Loss” may not have been a top 10 kind of episode, but it was a great way to kick off the new season.