Summer’s party music: still good for the fall!

| Music Editor

The clear winner of the battle to be on this fall’s party mix is the entirety of Girl Talk’s “Feed the Animals.” As previously discussed, the album is perfect party music. However, the summer saw many other albums geared toward getting drunken kids dancing at a party. Ratatat, who will be playing the Gargoyle on August 30, released their third LP (appropriately titled “LP3”). While “LP3” is not their best work, it is a solid record that further builds upon the group’s knack for writing songs for the soundtrack of anything you can think of (whether that be a Hummer, Zune or a TV show or movie).

The Faint released their first album in four years to much disappointment. The new songs are slower, with lyrics that are lame interpretations of typical science fiction themes. In doing this, they moved away from their older, overtly sexual and downright silly electo-theatrics. Unfortunately for them, they’re better at being silly than serious. Another Omaha band, Tilly and the Wall, released their third album (which is technically untitled but often referred to as “O”) this summer. “O” is Tilly’s best work yet. Like all other Tilly albums, the music is carefree and fun, inspiring listeners to dance and chant along. “O” is different in that at times it adds an intensity not seen in any other album, an intensity that pleasantly does not detract from Tilly’s carefree attitude.

Formerly Pitchfork’s next big thing, Black Kids, released their first LP “Partie Traumatic.” In a bizarre move, Pitchfork (best known for giving music as an entity a 6.5) gave the album a low rating without any explanation. More puzzling is the fact that half the songs on the album are rerecorded versions of songs on the EP that inspired Pitchfork to call them the next big thing. That said, “Partie Traumatic” is hilariously stupid and fun. It’s an easy listen and an easy dance with lyrics that will make listeners snap, crackle and pop the whole album through. Finally, the Medic Droid’s first album, “What’s Your Medium” is similarly stupid and fun. All of the songs are synth-heavy with sexual tones. It’s dancey and light-hearted with original lyrics that talk about scene girls and having sex in the back seat of the car.