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Movie Review: ‘42’

A couple of home runs and stolen bases later, I’ve seen enough baseball for the year and in half the time of your regular Yankees-Red Sox game. The story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball, “42” is a solid little sports movie filled with all of the usual tropes and cliches, if a little light on the sports action.

In Defense of: Hating Music Festivals

Thanks a lot, Woodstock. There may have been other outdoor festivals before it, but on that dairy farm in New York in 1969 is when everything changed.

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Raimi and Franco bring their own kind of magic to “Oz”

This Friday, the latest addition to Hollywood’s profit-driven obsession with reboots, remakes and remixes will come to a theater near you. “Oz the Great and Powerful” gives the origin story for the wizard from the beloved 1939 classic.

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‘Push the Sky Away’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Imagine you’re in a bar. It’s not just the kind of dark, dingy bar where everyone has his coat collars up, nursing a beer in the corner, but a bar where everyone is also hyper-literate. This is a bar that could only exist in a dream—or better yet, a nightmare. At least the jukebox would have this album, though. Actually, this bar did exist—kind of.

Tegan and Sara | ‘Heartthrob’

I’ve read that using first and second person pronouns (I, me, you, etc.) is the most effective way for song lyrics to have a psychological effect on the listener. From the opening line of their newest album “Heartthrob,” Canadian twins Tegan and Sara go all in on that premise.

Mirvish returns to Wash. U. to screen film

Socially conscious art is a tricky proposition. When done right, it can be inspiring, bringing awareness to important issues without sacrificing its aesthetic merits. Yet all too often, it comes across as preachy and self-righteous, putting its message before its content.

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Movie review: ‘Skyfall’

So far, there have been 23 movies featuring the iconic character James Bond. However, my prior experience with this franchise is limited to “Live and Let Die” and the familiarity that comes from the huge place 007 holds in our popular culture.

Movie Review: ‘Cloud Atlas’

“Cloud Atlas” proved a welcome surprise. From watching the trailer, I expected it to be piece of fluff about some romance transcending space and time. I was mostly right, but thankfully, “Cloud Atlas” goes far beyond just a romance based on reincarnation. To start with, it is a rare movie based solely on its numbers.

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Seven Psychopaths

There is a fine line between grotesque and high art when dealing with exploding heads and blood-splattered walls. Few directors today are able to walk that line with the macabre hilarity that Martin McDonagh does.

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The Avett Brothers concert review

The Fabulous Fox Theatre is a plush, columned venue; one of the best of its kind in St. Louis. Walking in, it feels like everyone should be wearing a tuxedo, but plaid proved to be the style of choice for many of the attendees at the Saturday night Avett Brothers concert at The Fox.