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Staff editorial: University-driven surveys hold promise

The Student Life Editorial Board commends the University for taking proactive steps to solicit feedback as they plan the future of the University.

Staff editorial: Be a good neighbor

Both students and administration should be cognizant of our impacts on neighboring communities and strive to collaborate with these communities respectfully in order to make the University’s relationship as mutually beneficial and harmonious as possible.

Staff editorial: An introduction to WU: In Focus

On Nov. 29, Student Life’s newest issue will hit newsstands, along with “WU: In Focus,” a magazine-style special issue focused on various facets of diversity on Washington University’s campus.

Staff editorial: In our eyes: Diversity on Danforth Campus

In two weeks, shortly after many students return from Thanksgiving Break, Student Life will release a new special issue highlighting diversity on Washington University’s campus, titled “WU: In Focus”.

Staff editorial: Me time: Self-care is not selfish

As you know, we are deep in the trenches of midterm season. Things have been rough, but they are about to get rougher as we move toward the dreaded finals season.

Staff editorial: Both SU and students should work to improve election turnout

Ultimately, it is important that turnout is as high as possible in these elections so that the bodies are as representative of the students’ wants as possible. After all, everything SU does is funded by money that students have already paid.

Staff editorial: One more plea

You’ve probably read posters, heard friends and seen Facebook posts begging you to please vote tomorrow. Here it is again: Please, please, vote tomorrow.

Staff Editorial: Our votes for midterm measures

If you’re voting here in Missouri this Tuesday, you’ll find several amendments and propositions on the ballot—including three measures relating to medical marijuana.

Staff editorial: Need-blind admissions a necessity, not an ‘ideal’

Becoming a need-blind institution that meets full need could attract more socioeconomic diversity to Washington University, the real “ideal” Wrighton should be looking toward.

Staff editorial: Student Life’s ideal registration worksheet

It’s that time of year again! Time to perfectly line up your classes, check your registration time and realize you have some reorganizing to do.