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Don’t call it a comeback: Cursive comes to Off Broadway

Since launching the record label 15 Passenger in 2017, Cursive remained largely inactive until they announced a new album, “Vitriola,” in August, prompting a wave of renewed interest in the group.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

‘Good Omens’ trailer is a good omen for the quality of the series

It’s creepy, it’s funny and Crowley and Aziraphale’s millennia-long friendship is every bit as antagonistic as I could have hoped for.

Isabella Neubauer | Contributing Writer

Cartoon: Man vs. moth

Those stupid moths…

Henry Lin | Editorial Cartoonist

Op-ed: A call for (Asian) accountability

While I have seen much support during the aftermath of this particular incident by those in the black community, rarely do I see nearly as many Asian (especially East Asian) students come to support the black community when other students, administrators, Washington University Police Department officers and community members work to make them feel unsafe or unwanted.

Lee Steinhorst | Class of 2018

Letter to the editor

I am a retired college professor who, over the course of years, has changed goals many times.

Harry Toder, Ph.D.

Where to eat to make the semester feel like fall break never ended

Fall Break came and went in what felt like seconds after what seems to be a semester’s worth of anticipation. And though you may no longer have the excuse of going out to eat to avoid the weird Fall Break dining hours, and classes are back in session, can’t we just pretend for a little while longer? Here are the best places in St. Louis you should try out, to make Fall Break last all semester long.

Kya Vaughn | Contributing Writer

Local news roundup Oct. 20

Missed out on local news over fall break? Catch up with our weekly roundup.

Katie Bry | Contributing Reporter

Asians and Pacific Islanders Demanding Justice hosts ‘Occupy Umrath’ event responding to GroupMe controversy

Asian and Pacific Islanders Demanding Justice (APIDJ) hosted the event to address racially insensitive messages sent in the Umrath first floor GroupMe Sept. 30. It was designed to create a safe space for Asian and Pacific Islanders and other students to discuss the incident and to share their experiences as minority students on campus.

Ted Moskal | Contributing Reporter

Students bring attention to campus issues on ‘Live with Katy Tur’

Washington University students spoke about campus issues for the live taping of MSNBC’s “Live with Katy Tur” outside of the Danforth University Center Thursday, Oct. 11.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Reporter

University hosts Sababa Jewish festival, a first for the St. Louis community

The outdoor event, held in the parking lot outside of the Danforth University Center, was the first Jewish cultural festival of its kind held in St. Louis and featured musical performances, artists and cultural foods.

Aiden Blinn | News Editor