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News in brief: WU professor wins fellowship, Teaching Center director search

Happenings around the Wash. U. campus, Wednesday, Feb. 22.

News Editors

WU political science department ranks 7th in nation

Washington University’s political science department and government program was ranked 7th out of 598 programs nationwide by College Factual.

Kathleen White | Staff Reporter

Wash. U. doesn’t care about minority faculty

Only 10 percent of the tenure-tracked faculty at Washington University are minorities.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

On the Florida shooting: A call to action

One thing has changed after the Florida shooting. The victims’ message is clear and direct: We don’t need sympathy, we need action.

Tyler Sabloff | Staff Writer

‘Whole Lotta Love’ (and hate): The Zeppelin conundrum

Beyond their musical shortcomings, the members of Led Zeppelin were, putting it bluntly, just horrible people.

Tyler Sabloff | Contributing Writer

A day in the life of Leah, as told by my Spotify playlist

An hour by hour playlist to get you through the day.

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

Bears awake from hibernation: Spring sports take on new season

It’s cold out, but spring sports are starting.

Rohan Gupta and Jon Lewis | Senior Sports Editors

Water polo: WU’s greatest (club) sports dynasty

Washington University’s club water polo team has won four consecutive national championships.

Dorian DeBose | Staff Reporter

Fraternity and Sorority Task Force discusses results from November report on improving culture of Greek organizations

The Fraternity and Sorority Task Force recently met with fraternity and sorority chapters to discuss the results of the November 2017 report on improving the culture of fraternity and sorority life on campus.

Meghan Sharma | Staff Reporter

Graduate Workers Union rallies, advocates for summer funding, more leave

The Union delivered approximately 500 Valentine’s Day-inspired cards to Provost Holden Thorp’s office to advocate for what they argue are their rights on campus as graduate students Feb. 14.

Emma Baker | News Editor