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New dining initiative allows students to purchase from food trucks with meal points

Washington University students had the option to upgrade their lunches from a half and half to a freshly made cheesesteak sandwich, all on the University’s meal plan thanks to local food truck “Steak Louie” this Tuesday.

Olivia Szymanski | Staff Reporter

Spring break sports roundup

While many Washington University students hit the beach or headed home for spring break, the school’s athletic programs didn’t miss a beat.

Jon Lewis | Staff Reporter

Op-ed submission: The unsung heroes of Wash. U.

You might not always see them, but the staff at Washington University and all college campuses allow students to thrive and do their best every day.

Jack Zuckerman | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: ‘Enhancing Lives’ starts with valuing lives: Wash. U. worker’s right to living wage

he Student Worker Alliance (SWA) has found that the wages workers earn are not enough to cover living expenses as basic as food, rent and medical bills. At a University with one of the largest endowments in the country ($6.5 billion), the workers who maintain the campus’s day-to-day operations deserve a living wage. SWA urges Wash. U. to offer its workers the living wage they deserve.

Student Worker Alliance

The bubble gets smaller

When our administration released news on the parking changes for undergraduates last semester, the Washington University bubble got a lot more claustrophobic. Sophomores lost their rights to parking entirely and juniors will be parking on the South 40.

Lauren Alley | Staff Writer

Op-ed submission: A call for sanctuary: Student letter to the administration

After a public show of support from faculty and graduate employees, students met with Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White on Monday March 6. Our next scheduled meeting, when we expect to hear back about implementation, is March 23.

Concerned and affected students

‘The Right Mistake’ through 2017’s lens

The question is how we overcome that division to solve problems of violence and intolerance in our society. This is the question that main character Socrates Fortlow attempts to answer in the novel “The Right Mistake” by Walter Mosley.

Andie Divelbiss | Contributing Writer

Women’s basketball to host NCAA sectional round against Oshkosh

For the third straight season, the Washington University women’s basketball team is in the sectional semifinals of the NCAA tournament. But this time, they get to host.

Anna Schoenfeld | Staff Reporter

Forum’s final words on the mayoral primary

For the past month, the Forum staff has taken on profiling the issues and candidates for the upcoming mayoral race in St. Louis.

Forum Staff

Former Peabody executive resigns from board, activists react

After years of agitation from the Washington University community for the removal of coal executives from the board of trustees—which culminated in a 16-day occupation conducted by WashU Students Against Peabody in the spring of 2014 and led to seven student arrests at a rally outside of a board of trustees meeting—activists can finally claim some victory. However, Fossil Free WashU will continue to push for full divestment from fossil fuels.

Swetha Nakshatri | Staff Reporter