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Contraception access expanding

Due to the increasing demand for intrauterine devices on college campuses, Student Health Services has been working to accommodate the service’s newfound popularity despite having only one doctor able to perform the insertions.

Swetha Nakshatri | Contributing Reporter

#BlackBoyJoy and Rae Sremmurd: The commoditization of blackness in music

Shortly following this year’s Video Music Awards ceremony, Chance the Rapper tweeted a red carpet photo of himself dressed in khaki overalls, arms outstretched like a human airplane and knees bent so that he came, at most, to half of his normal standing height.

Ayanna Harrison | Contributing Writer

Spooky sweet: Vegan dessert recipes for Halloween

Enjoy my favorite recipes for fall-themed vegan treats that are appropriately spooky for late October, with ingredients that won’t make you scream.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

Dove model talks body image, gives advice on body positivity in speech as part of Love Your Body Week

Stacy Nadeau, one of the models in Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, discussed her experiences as a model in a society becoming more accepting of different body images as gave advice to the next generation yesterday. Alpha Phi and Reflections, a student organization focused on body image issues education, brought Nadeau to give a speech at Graham Chapel as part of Love Your Body Week—a week-long series of events aiming to combat underlying issues of negative body image among students.

Bailey Winston | Contributing Reporter

CDI holds discussions in response to social media post

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion hosted affinity processing and discussion spaces this past Tuesday, Oct. 25, in response to recent backlash concerning a screenshot of a Snapchat posted to Facebook over the weekend.

Danielle Drake-Flam | Contributing Reporter

Underdog is a compliment to someone from ‘Believeland’

Less than six months after winning its first sports title in over 50 years, the city commonly referred to as “The Mistake on the Lake” is stepping up to the plate for a chance at another championship and to prove itself a legitimate sports city.

Isaac Jacobson | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: More than Black & White

It goes without being said that I was not surprised when I received a text message featuring an image of two female Asian students sporting modern variations of Black face with the caption, “We’re in the zulu (sic) tribe.”

Morgan Bryant | Class of 2019

Reflections launches annual ‘Love Your Body Week’ for body positivity

Reflections, a body positivity club, will host a series of events and discussions aimed at promoting the club’s message of self-care and self-love this week.

Lopaka O'Connor | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: We all deserve better

For far too long, we’ve lived in a culture and system of asymmetrical power and violence, one in which men consistently commit violence against other beings. As Washington University students, we’ve learned a lot about bystander intervention and about how to protect and look after our fellow community-members.

Ingrid Archibald | Class of 2018

Debate day calls for more Wash. U. spirit

Two weeks ago, the presidential debate lit up the Washington University community into an emblazoned state of spirit—students ran across campus in their Bear apparel, debate water bottles, T-shirts and pins in tow.

Emma Galasso | Contributing Writer