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Artists’ showcase: A look at Post Malone’s musical career

Hailing from Grapevine, Tx., Post Malone is one of the newest sensations in modern music.

Steven Yang | Contributing Writer

Finished Sefer Torah rededicated to Wash. U. Chabad chapter

Around 30 Washington University students, along with campus Chabad Rabbi Hershey Novack and his family, completed inking an unfinished Sefer Torah— previously in storage at Barnes-Jewish Hospital— and rededicated the scroll to Chabad Sunday Sept. 17.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Reporter

Wash. U. hosts climate change panel, continues push toward increased sustainability on campus

Washington University hosted a climate change panel with speakers Ira Flatow of NPR and climatologists Bronwen Konecky and Gavin Schmidt in Hillman Hall Sept. 18.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

SHS unveils new online therapy treatment program

Student Health Services launched a new web-based treatment this fall called Therapist Assisted Online that aims to help alleviate any anxiety, depression or stress that students may feel.

Anjali Viswanath | Contributing Reporter

Students push for creation of interdisciplinary science majors

The Society of Physics Students aims to introduce a new major in Biophysics with the help of the Math Club, as well as a second major in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

Wash. U.’s CRETE House gears up for the competition

Washington University’s Solar Decathlon team is attempting to make sustainable concrete-based construction stylish with the CRETE House, their entry to this year’s national Decathlon in Denver, a competition in which 13 teams from all over the globe are competing to create the most sustainable, practical and excellently designed house.

Chase Moriarty | Contributing Reporter

All Lives Matter: How to be racist in 2017

No one has been stupid enough to call me any racial slur to my face, but they have used the Southern Strategy (Jim Crow 3.0) to change their words like spraying Axe on their racist funk.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Am I doing enough?

I am a white-passing, Christian, middle-class student with 13 years of Catholic education under my belt. I haven’t experienced real, systemic discrimination a single day in my life.

Elena Quinones | Contributing Writer

Bear battle: Davidson, Arthur compete for starting quarterback spot

Starting last spring, the quarterback field for the Washington University football team was wide open. Heading into preseason this August, not even head coach Larry Kindbom was sure who would be under center for the Bears.

Jon Lewis | Senior Sports Editor

Book review: Fantasy parallels reality in ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’

“A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas. The series follows a human girl named Feyre who lives in a world where faeries exist—and they’re not anything like Tinkerbelle.

Andie Divelbiss | Staff Writer