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Op-ed: A reminder

Content warning: This article contains sensitive language regarding sexual assault and alcohol. This afternoon we will gather as a community to demand an important change from our administration. Title Mine’s demands are both incredibly needed and incredibly late. I have been facilitator for the Date for two years and spend the beginning of every school […]

Julia Zigman | Class of 2019

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ excels, if you’ve paid attention

It’s finally here. I have been waiting for “Avengers: Infinity War” since Thanos was introduced in the first Avengers movie in 2012.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer

SU outlines goals for upcoming year at state of union address

Student Union president junior Grace Egbo announced SU’s new goals of expanding administrative and student interactions, increasing diverse representation and encouraging greater election participation Tuesday.

Emma Baker | News Editor

WU alum, Obama senior advisor speaks on working in government

Eric Schultz, a Washington University alumnus and senior advisor to former President Barack Obama, spoke to students about his career path as part of Meet the Leader Series sponsored by the Gephardt Institute of Civic and Community Engagement and the Career Center in McDonnell Hall Wednesday.

Kathleen White | News Editor

Wash. U. needs an administrative overhaul

In October, I wrote an article about my experience with Student Health Services (SHS) and their failure to provide me with adequate mental health care.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

To all women: Thank you

A good rule of thumb would be to not say anything you wouldn’t say to a woman in your family, but an uncomfortable amount of people say these horrible things, even to those women closest to them.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Op-ed: Three weeks later

While I only found out about his history afterwards, Washington University had multiple reports about this student and was aware of his violent tendencies long before my assault.

Anonymous Student

Matt’s Morsels: Here to spice up your life

Meals are made by the spices. It’ll turn your bland “three dates and get ghosted” chicken into “I’m gonna marry this person” chicken. The right spices in a dish will let whoever you’re feeding get to know you on a much deeper level than any conversation can.

Matt Wallace | Staff Columnist

Chandler Kropp making waves, but don’t expect him to bring it up

That was the first time Kropp thought about the prospect of being transgender and becoming a man. It was also one of the first times Kropp ever wanted something badly.

While he grew up playing soccer and basketball, he dropped those two sports in favor of rowing at the beginning of his freshman year of high school. He quickly found success within the St. Louis rowing scene, setting his sights on the Division I and Division III levels.

Benjamin Simon | Staff Reporter

Post-graduation life seems scary, but here’s some tips to make it easy

You’ve successfully braved the wild that is undergraduate life at Washington University. From learning how to order at each food station on campus, to planning how to run out of meal points, Bear Bucks, and notebooks by your last final, you have come a long LONG way for today. As you transition into the professional world, there are some tips I wanted to share with you from my own experience of stepping out of the Wash.U. bubble.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer