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Swimming and diving men pick up wins against Lindenwood, Truman State, women fall to Truman

Swimming and diving athletes travelled in and out of state this weekend to face NCAA Division II teams from Lindenwood University and Truman State University.

Lily Wu | Staff Reporter

Women’s basketball rebounds with two conference wins at home

After getting pushed out of the top-10 national rankings for the first time all season, the Washington University women’s basketball team responded with a pair of definitive home victories against two conference foes. The Bears crushed New York University 80-48 on Friday, before defeating Brandeis University 70-54 two days later.

Anna Schoenfeld | Staff Reporter

Op-ed submission: A campus for students, regardless of class

The New York Times article highlighted a fact many students know, but few have openly acknowledged: Washington University is diverse in many ways, but socioeconomic diversity isn’t one of them.

Kenneth Sng | SU President

Op-ed submission: Pushing beyond Pell-eligible

For years, the members of WU/FUSED have been asking the administration a single question: Will you provide us with a breakdown of the income distribution in the student body? Each time that we have asked, their response has been the same: No.

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity

Jammin’ Toast: A visual take on a concert featuring Ken Bone

The Pikers, an all-male a cappella group well known for putting on memorable shows that go beyond simply singing songs, outdid themselves this past Saturday night with their 2017 production of Jammin’ Toast.

Isaac Jacobson | Contributing Writer

Norwegian teen drama ‘Skam’ will be your next TV obsession

The internet works in cruel ways, such as the one time it forced me to obsess over a Scandinavian teen drama on the eve of finals week.

Alberto De La Rosa | Film Editor

Houseparty director talks new app

Kimberly Kalb, the director of growth for Houseparty, a new app that allows users to easily move between group conversations, spoke about the app, the motivation behind it and how her team has risen to where they are now in the technological world Monday, Dec. 6.

Danielle Drake-Flam | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed submission: Working toward a more representative SU

This year, the Diversity Affairs Council launched an inaugural project to collect data on the demographics of our Student Union officers to better understand how our student body is represented in SU.

Diversity Affairs Council

Venmo campaign raises holiday money for Bear’s Den employee

A student-led fundraising effort raised $2,000 to help support Bear’s Den employee Bill Jackson, who recently suffered a familial loss, by using the app Venmo to rally monetary support.

Hannah Gilberstadt | Contributing Reporter

2 WU alumni selected as finalists for prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

Two Washington University alumni, 2015 graduate Damari Croswell and 2016 graduate Yidan Qin, were recently named finalists for the Rhodes Scholarship. Croswell applied as an American Scholar, while Qin applied as a Chinese Scholar.

Olivia Szymanski | Contributing Reporter