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Eleven Eleven Mississippi

Eleven Eleven Mississippi is located in a many-leveled brick and iron building that looks like a revitalized warehouse. And on a Saturday night, it was completely full of people. The menu includes striking combinations like pecorino flan, potato-encrusted halibut and butternut squash and pear cavatelli.

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The best St. Louis art galleries

St. Louis boasts a variety of contemporary art galleries and museums. Though many Washington University students know of the Kemper Art Museum here on campus and Saint Louis Art Museum just up Art Hill, they may not be as privy to the art available a bit farther outside the bubble. As close as the Delmar Loop, or as far as downtown St. Louis, options are bountiful. Here are some of my favorite selections.

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Stepping Out: Gokul

Gokul, the St. Louis Indian restaurant that just opened a location on the Delmar Loop, adds a new face to the abundant family of North Indian restaurants in St. Louis. Unlike most others, Gokul boasts an all-vegetarian menu, which goes all-vegan twice a month and is all kosher, all the time.

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SweetArt: Bake shop and art studio

The likelihood of a little bakery and art studio surviving on a random street near Tower Grove Park seemed slim. But suddenly there it was: a startlingly successful bakery, bustling with business on a Saturday afternoon.

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Walk into Gioia’s, a little deli on the Hill, and you’ll find a place that is indisputably Italian. Just look around to see not one, not two, but upwards of three full-sized Italian flags posted inside and outside the one-room restaurant. The place is quaint but not trite, with wooden floors, a fancy chalkboard menu and a company consisting of many regulars.

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Stepping Out: Pho Long

When it comes to non-American food, little can replace an age-old recipe that gets passed down through generations and can be traced back to a food establishment in the country of origin.

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Savor the spice: A tour of St. Louis Indian cuisine

St. Louis offers a surprisingly large number of choices when it comes to Indian cuisine. In fact, in less than ten Google-map minutes (calculated from One Brookings Drive), you can drive to any of four great Indian establishments: India’s Rasoi, Everest Cafe, House of India and the appropriately-named Indian Food.

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Imagine biting into a lightly fried enchilada with layers of golden brown dough and a juicy pulled chicken filling. If you’re already hungry, then you can feed your imagination at Fritanga, a cozy one-room restaurant that provides authentic Nicaraguan food for decent prices.

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Battle of the Stovetop Mac n’ Cheese

If we are, in fact, what we eat, then many of the inhabitants of the Washington University campus are probably macaroni and cheese. With this in mind, I decided to conduct a survey of mac n’ cheese options available at a local grocery store.

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Stepping Out: Whole Foods eatery

If you, like me, are appalled by how much money you spent during textbook-buying season, you might think about making a trip to Whole Foods Market next time you feel like going out to eat. Actually, you might consider Whole Foods, whether or not you’re broke, for a post-grocery-shopping fresh deli sandwich and creamy gelato.

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