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Natalie Villalon

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Facebook’s double secret democracy thingy

’Tis the season…to vote? Facebook recently sent out an email to all of its users informing them that it would be holding a vote on proposed changes to its Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. You have until Dec. 10 to vote on the changes, which also includes voting on whether or not you will be able to continue voting on changes.

Fraud alert: I am not a woman

“Women aren’t women anymore,” at least according to Suzanne Venker. In a Fox News article not-so-subtly titled “The War on Men,” Venker argues that women “have been raised to think of men as the enemy.

Fear and loathing on the (post-) campaign trail

Last Wednesday night, high on democratic idealism and the intoxicating scent of power, I announced my candidacy for Student Union as a write-in candidate. I have no experience, and I tend to roll my eyes at everything Student Union does. Right now, that position is in election limbo because I managed to tie with one other person. Democracy, ladies and gents.

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Vote! For the greater good

Student Union Senate and Treasury elections are today and tomorrow. I don’t always get high, but when I do, it’s on a sense of civic duty and post-election euphoria.

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American “Exceptionalism”

Last week, I was chatting with a few friends and happened to bring up the state of the Chinese economy. China’s economy, which had been experiencing double-digit growth for two decades, has slowed. One of my friends positively perked up, doing a little jazz-hands move usually reserved for Super Bowl touchdowns and sorority bid acceptances.

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An insider’s look at Wash. U.’s organic garden

What exactly is a burning kumquat? It’s not a street-term for low-grade PCP, nor is it literally a burning fruit. According to senior Terry Main, one of the club’s current co-presidents, the Burning Kumquat “is an entirely student-run garden that we use to teach ourselves how to grow food and about the St. Louis food industry.

Mr. Magorium’s Smooshatorium: Fornicating, cohabitating and not being a scumbag

Frank Zappa, musician and sexpert, once said, “If you want to get laid, go to college.” Clearly, Zappa didn’t go to Wash. U., but even here students occasionally find time between studying chemistry to, um, “study chemistry.” All may be fair in love and war, but when it comes to hooking up, it’s important to be considerate to people around you.

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Re: Akin et al.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt,” Abraham Lincoln once said. Though Lincoln lived in an era before viral videos and constant media scrutiny, he nevertheless understood the power of poorly chosen words. The modern GOP might want to take a hint and quit shooting itself in the foot.

FacePalm? The proposal to “nationalize” Facebook

Internet privacy is the new virginity- people love to lecture about it in an irritating and/or pompous manner that undermines reasonable advice about the issue. Facebook is the suave bad boy who everyone bemoans, but for some reason, sleeps with anyway. Last week, Princeton professor Phillip N.

Facebook’s ‘Female Trouble’

Last Wednesday, a crowd of protesters descended on Facebook’s Madison Avenue office, demanding that everyone’s favorite shame-sharing platform diversify its board of directors to include women. The protestors, organized by the advocacy group Ultraviolet, delivered a petition signed by 53,000 non-gender specific persons, or approximately .