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Michael Tabb is the Editor-in-Chief of Student Life. He is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences from York, PA.

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Beads, booze and boobs for noobs: The comprehensive guide to navigating Mardi Gras

With revised weather forecasts calling for temperatures in the mid-40s and almost zero chance of rain, you have no reason to miss this year’s Mardi Gras festivities. Sure, you may have midterms, but finals count for more of your grade anyway. And when you’re 30, do you really want your only memories of Wash. U. […]

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Amendment to diversify Treasury passes by wide margin

In a 375-80 landslide, undergraduates voted to approve changes to the Student Union constitution that aim to diversify SU Treasury.

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Walk the Moon to headline WUStock, CS40 indicates but does not confirm

Using an anagram made up of members’ Facebook profile pictures, Congress of the South 40 unofficially announced late Sunday night that Walk the Moon will headline WUStock 2014. CS40 plans to formally announce the headliner for its annual concert—which will be held on Saturday, March 29—early this week.


What happens when you loan a frontman your common room: A one-night adventure with Chadwick Stokes

When Chadwick Stokes comes over to your apartment, he brings more than his set list.

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Rewriting a history of crime: Police propose combining crime statistics from St. Louis County, city

St. Louis may no longer be one of America’s most dangerous cities, if two local police chiefs get their way with the numbers. In April, the FBI plans to open conversations on a proposal to merge crime statistics from the St.

Wash. U. Students Talk About Sex

Students attempt to guess statistics about their peers’ sex lives. See the full results in Student Love, StudLife’s annual Sex Issue, in racks across campus! Music: Heartless by Kanye West Student Life does not claim rights to soundtrack. No copyright infringement intended.

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Tackling the Mosaic Project in a milestone performance, Black Anthology celebrates its 25th anniversary

A black-and-white image of Brookings Hall projected behind them, five students—three carrying picket signs reading “Integrate,” “Separate ≠” and “Equality Now” and two singing, “Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ’round”—demanded an end to pervasive marginalization of Washington University’s black community.

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Evening robbery near campus raises student concern with crime alert system

University City is continuing to investigate last week’s robbery on Kingsbury Blvd. that has raised concern among students who live nearby but never received a crime notification about it. Last Sunday night at about 7 p.m., a male student said he was walking on the 6600 block of Kingsbury when he was knocked to the ground and punched by a suspect.

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Test your skills against Wash. U.’s own Jeopardy! winner

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Wash. U. professor competes on ‘Jeopardy!’

Ayn Rand may be long dead but her words lived on to haunt one Washington University professor whose failure to recognize her maxim cost her the game on Jeopardy! Tuesday.

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