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Counterpoint: Long-distance relationships are not worth it

I do admit that there are ways to successfully navigate a long-distance relationship, but they have nothing to do with love. They have everything to do with the relationship being a precise military operation.

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Phi Beta Sigma hosts open house for interested members

St. Louis community members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity held an informational welcome event to meet Washington University students who might be interested in joining the Black Greek-lettered fraternity Feb. 11.

| Staff Reporter

Matt’s Morsels: Food, weight, and resolutions

Healthy eating is as simple as altering a few behaviors in the kitchen. Here are some that are easy, quick and, most importantly, tasty.

| Staff Columnist

Cold winter, hot takes

Instead of writing 30 articles about things that have already passed, here are a select few of my hot takes in rapid-fire, lightning-round style.

| Staff Writer

Band of Brothers: Bridging the gap between WU and St. Louis’ NPHC fraternities

In our third and final installment, we will discuss the relationship between Washington University and St. Louis’ National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations, as well as ways to bridge the gap between black students and black fraternities.

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Matt’s Morsels: Egg-static for omelettes

I’ll be honest: I don’t like breakfast. It mostly stems from my hatred of cereal and milk, but that’s a different fight for a different day. What I do love about breakfast is omelettes. Endlessly customizable and satisfying, omelettes are the blank canvas that early morning food art is made on.

| Staff Columnist

When someone dies, consider the bad and the good

I’m not here to say what is or isn’t appropriate, but instead to take a step back and look at the entirety of a person’s life, and not just the parts that fit your initial feelings.

| Staff Writer

Opinion: Solidarity among minorities is largely performative, but it doesn’t have to be

Monumental changes in society cannot be done alone. We need each other more than ever.

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It’s Black with a capital B

Capitalizing the word “Black” is in many ways the lowest of low-hanging fruit for justice for oppressed people. It doesn’t require any new thinking; just add another little loop on top. Black is not a color, it is a people.

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The real work just started

Your duty does not end at the ballot, it begins there.

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