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Many moving pieces: Working backstage at Diwali

Most audience members, in enjoying the show’s colorful and multitudinous offerings, may not have thought about what goes on behind the scenes of a massive undertaking such as this one.

| Senior Scene Editor

Which of Dean Jen Smith’s dogs are you?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Aspen or Juneau, know that they share the approximate size, color and fur density of polar bears.

| Senior Forum Editor

‘Reason’s oxymorons’ at Kemper: Art, therapy and healing in the francophone world

“Reason’s Oxymorons,” the title of an art exhibition by Kader Attia, is itself an oxymoronic phrase: It stands to reason that a logical mind would not contain the irreconcilable contradictions necessary to construct such a concept.

| Senior Scene Editor

Tips for staying warm as temperatures dive down

Whether this will be your first winter in a climate where snow actually exists or you’re just looking for more ways to live your life burrito-rolled into a blanket as much of the time as possible, here are my tips to ensure that your October is super cozy.

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Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for environmental justice

On Wednesday evening, Washington University’s Office of Sustainability hosted an “Environmental JustICE Cream Social.”
As I expected, the ice cream was delicious, and the conversation was engaging.

| Senior Scene Editor

Housekeeper’s letter to incoming students has a message for everyone

Near the end of August, Washington University surged unexpectedly in the internet news sphere. A note left by Draga Orescanin, a South 40 housekeeper soared to the top of Reddit.

| Senior Scene Editor

Screaming in Soulard: My quest to find Mr. Brightside

The humble Facebook Event has undergone a great evolution—it’s gone from a simple way to invite friends to a party to a meme with an intentionally ridiculous name. This latter type of event, which no one physically attends, is created for the sake of the meme itself as an art form.

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