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It was a dark and spooky night…Murder under the bigtop

All Student Theatre’s carnival-themed murder mystery event was the perfect way to get in the spooky Halloween spirit. From

Elena Quinones | Contributing Writer

Don’t let #MeToo be another shout into the void

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein and other sexual assault revelations, we can’t stop at Twitter activism.

Elena Quinones | Contributing Writer

Wash. U. to tighten fraternity social event security regulations

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Austin Sweeney announced he would continue to assess the need for private security at Greek Life events.

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Wash. U. to help fund greenway connecting Forest Park to Gateway Arch

Great Rivers Greenway, an organization dedicated to constructing greenways—scenic outdoor spaces connecting areas of the city—is hosting a design competition to help create “Chouteau Greenway,” an area that will connect Forest Park to the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

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Sports Club Board to re-form, advocate for club athletes

Director of Sport Clubs Sean Curtis, along with members of the Student Union Senate, is working to reintroduce a Sports Club Board as a governing body for club sports at Washington University.

Elena Quinones | Contributing Reporter

Am I doing enough?

I am a white-passing, Christian, middle-class student with 13 years of Catholic education under my belt. I haven’t experienced real, systemic discrimination a single day in my life.

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DACA and the fight against misinformation

Blatant bigotry is terrifying and deplorable, but ignorance and a falsely-informed narrative seem to be the true fuel in the drive to uproot DACA.

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