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Cadenza staff picks the songs of the summer

Summer may almost be over, but the sweet tunes that we curated during the summer will continue to warm our hearts through the fall. Here are the songs that Cadenza jammed to this summer.

Suggestions for the Oscars

As much as Cadenza loves awards shows, sometimes we also find them frustrating. This year, we’re all worked up about the Oscars, which air this Sunday at 6 p.m. on ABC. It would be nice to see the Academy take some of our suggestions, but if not, we’ll be back ranting and raving next year.

Cadenza’s soundtracks to the presidential campaigns

Presidential candidates like to use songs to get people all riled up and excited about voting for them. Were we working on presidential campaigns and tasked with picking those songs, these are the ones we’d choose.

Cadenza’s dream celebrity threesomes

Here at Cadenza, we spend a lot of time thinking about celebrities and, consequently, which ones we’d like to have sex with.
These stars have been getting us particularly hot and bothered.

Cadenza’s hopes and wishes for the Super Bowl halftime show

Coldplay is the headliner for this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, and, while that’s nice, many other scenarios would be more exciting, which is why none of Cadenza’s (largely implausible) hopes and wishes for the performance feature Coldplay performing any of its songs.

Cadenza’s favorite Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl is like Christmas for advertising agencies, because it’s the one day of the year when everyone gets excited about the commercials they normally skip when they watch shows on digital video recorder. Cadenza’s playing right into their game by listing our favorite Super Bowl commercials of years past.

Cadenza’s most anticipated pop culture of 2016

Cadenza is always excited about pop culture, but 2016 has promised us more than a few fragrant gems to drool over. Here are the shiniest apples of our collective longing eye.

Cadenza’s picks: Spring WILD and comedy surveys

On Sunday, Social Programming Board released its Spring Talent Survey for WILD and the semesterly comedy show. Here are Cadenza’s favorites from the survey.

Cadenza’s favorite pop culture of 2015

To say 2015, or any other year, was a “great” one for pop culture is unnecessary and redundant, given the quantity of content available for consumption.
The real question is what’s worth seeking out. If you’re looking to catch up on some of the year’s best, you could do worse than starting here.

Encore, encore! 5 songs to keep you studying all night

It’s reading week, which means we’ll all be burying ourselves in Olin Library and trying not to lose our minds. Hopefully, these songs help with the latter.