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Washington University’s Internet disconnect

The answer is that much of America’s economy these days is dependent on the Internet, and by having slower and more expensive Internet, America is at a competitive disadvantage to many of its competitors in the global economy. This brings me to the main point of my article: Just as America is at a competitive disadvantage due to the state of its Internet infrastructure, Washington University students are put at a competitive disadvantage due to the sorry state of Internet access on campus.

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Where are the Bosco sticks?

While there have been a few incremental improvements, the overall dining experience on the South 40 has gone significantly downhill this year. As someone who considered the late night Bear’s Den run to be a major part of my social life, this is very disappointing. Bear’s Den, Bear Mart and Center Court no longer exist, […]

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University underestimates importance of Wilderness Project

I have participated in the Wilderness Project (WP) Pre-Orientation program for the last two summers, last summer as a freshman and this summer as a leader. During WP, incoming freshmen embark on a weeklong trip filled with team building and social justice-themed activities, as well as several days of backpacking or rock climbing in the […]

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All housing should cost the same amount

Several weeks ago I wrote a column discussing why I believe substance-free housing creates an unnecessary and sometimes unfair division in the Washington University community. Today I present my case for why the difference in price between modern and traditional housing creates an even more unfortunate divide. There is almost no question that when it […]

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Why substance free housing is a bad idea

When I was accepted to Washington University, one of my first decisions concerned housing. I was asked to state my preferences regarding when I go to bed, what temperature I prefer and how messy a room I can tolerate. Then there was the box that indicated “I prefer to live on a substance-free floor.” Although […]

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Printing problem on campus

Even in the short time that I have been at Wash. U., I can barely count the times that I have been late to a class because I have been unable to print something important.

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Randy Brachman gone W.I.L.D.

After reading Randy Brachman’s inflammatory column two Wednesdays ago I felt the need to respond.

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Where can I lock my darn bike?

Of all the possessions I brought to college this fall, perhaps my favorite is my 1980s Schwinn road bike.

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