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The one where I go to a frat party for the first time

It was time to try out my first frat party.

| Staff Writer

Film review: Jun Bae wants students to burst the bubble

For many students, stepping out of the “Washington University bubble” means leaving campus for a few hours to explore any adjacent neighborhood. For Jun Bae, it means making a documentary about the historic segregation of St. Louis.

| Film Editor

The great unknown: ‘Def by Temptation’ and black horror B movies

It has always been a pervasive trope in the horror genre that African-American characters in films never make it to the end alive.

| Film Editor

The rise and fall of a hero

Recent discourse about “The Birth of a Nation,” one of the most acclaimed film during this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has steered away from the story of Nat Turner, the film’s protagonist, and towards the story of Nate Parker, the film’s director.

| Film Editor

Bear’s Den interrupted

In response to the latest nationwide string of instances of police brutality, a group of over 40 black Washington University students occupied and effectively shut down Bear’s Den Friday evening. Protestors organized in an effort to vocalize concerns with the University’s lack of response to such instances—as well as feelings of invisibility in the Washington University community.

| Staff Reporter

Pilot program hopes to help Pell-eligible students on campus

A pilot scholar program launching this year hopes to be the answer to the slew of criticism that has come from students and national media in regards to the lack of socioeconomic diversity in the undergraduate population.

| Contributing Reporter

Nostalgia and scandal: A breakdown of the VMAs formula

Some of the most iconic pop culture moments in history have occurred on the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards. Even during a Twitter-less era, Britney Spears was already making hashtag-worthy appearances.

| Staff Writer

St. Lou Fringe Festival’s “GOOD” lives up to its name

Comedian Amy Milton performed “GOOD” on Saturday night in front of an intimate audience—her third show at the Kranzberg Arts Center as part of the fifth annual St. Lou Fringe Festival, a platform for independent producers to bring their projects to different stages in St. Louis.

| Staff Writer

A tour bus conversation with Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey

An unlikely pairing of music acts, Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey joined forces in a North American tour, sponsored by the clothing store Journeys. Both artists have shared in success from their respective freshman albums.

| Film Editor

Sound and color: A trip through experimental films with jazz improv

. It may be hard to imagine, but before the age of recorded sound in motion pictures, a pianist, for instance, would be given a sheet of music to play along with silent films. “Sonic Visions: Experimental Film + Live Jazz” took us back to that era, but with a provocative twist: it was entirely improvised.

| Film Editor