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Organizations must provide programming during fall break

Wash. U. should help students take advantage of fall break by offering a variety of programming throughout the long weekend.

Pre-orientation programs benefit all

Pre-orientation programs offer more freedom in terms of activities, allow for exploration of self-selected interests and provide first-year students a chance to talk to upperclassmen.

Las Vegas shooting demands student action on gun control

But as Washington University students, we have the power to influence gun reform. And the Student Life editorial board believes it is our generation’s responsibility to work toward this end.

On-campus printing procedures require clarification

We appreciate the printing resources the University provides for students, but there are multiple opportunities for improvement.

Sexual assault prevention app means well, needs adjustments

This past weekend, a new program, xSoteria, aimed at increasing safety at parties debuted on campus. However, certain issues exist within the app and with how the app interacts with Greek life—and if these aren’t addressed, the app will not achieve nearly as much success as it otherwise can.

Wash. U. Title IX standards must not be lowered

We continue to press Washington University administrator to take a hard look at their current policies and make changes based on recommendations from the student body.

Checks and balances: SPB’s unstable system

So, Social Programming Board messed up.

Dear Washington University students

It’s long past time for you to be in the streets. Every single last one of you.

The Wash. U. student dictionary

Teaching Assistants are now called “Assistants to the Instructors.” In the same spirit, the Student Life editorial board has come up with our own names for a few of our favorite things on Danforth campus.

Listening sessions require action

Over the next three weeks, the Washington University Title IX Office and the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center will host a series of listening sessions for students to raise their concerns with the way Wash. U. addresses instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence.