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SU and SPB forgot to focus on the students

Last October, Student Life wrote a staff editorial arguing that Social Programming Board and Student Union, both of which vowed increased communication with students in the 2015-2016 school year, owed students more transparency, because of the large amount of funds that go toward its programs.

Without WILD, the Gargoyle needs more love

The Gargoyle is one of the most underappreciated spaces on campus, only used for the semesterly concerts put on by Social Programming Board. Other than that, the venue sits empty in the Mallinckrodt Center basement, save for a few WU-SLam or Kuumba events here and there and SPB’s Happy Hour. We at Student Life feel that this is a shame.

Wash. U. needs change now, not when it’s comfortable

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a university in possession of an economic diversity problem must be in want of a task force. Washington University is one such university, and it has responded to the increasingly unflattering spotlight on its diversity shortcomings accordingly. These task forces have been assembled, and they have spoken.

A Bear to fill a Ram-sized void

We hear your pain, St. Louis. We know you’re aching. We see the Rams-shaped hole in your athletic heart. With the NFL’s owners voting 30-2 to move St. Louis’ football team to Los Angeles next year, the Rams have played their final home game in the Midwest, and St. Louis is down a professional sports team.

Voting for college students: A state-by-state guide

With the Iowa Caucus only a week away, it’s time to start thinking about making your voice heard.

A closer look at this year’s tuition hike

While tuition hikes are nothing new, we at Student Life feel that this year’s increase warrants some special attention, specifically because of the way this year’s increase has been presented.

Things to consume over winter break

This year’s winter break will be approximately a month long. If you’re fearful of what on Earth you could possible do with that time, especially after a semester jam-packed with work, you’re not alone—but fret not! The world is filled with television, movies, books, food and games to consume.

A guide to holiday shopping at the WU Campus Bookstore

We’re almost there. The semester is near its end, and consequently, you are so close to not having to think about school for one blissful month. But you know what that means? You have to start thinking about holiday gifts. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to compile a list of great gifts from the bookstore.

StudLife’s Declassified Finals Survival Guide

Here we are. The last week of classes. Now it’s time to turn to those pesky finals on the horizon. You know, those ones on the other side of reading week that you pretend are imaginary and don’t matter? Yeah, you probably need to start studying for those. If you read that last sentence and started to whine loudly, you should consider taking advantage of Student Life’s guaranteed to be helpful finals tips.

Saying thanks this holiday season

Thanksgiving is upon us again, and in honor of the season, our editorial board has compiled a list of things we’re truly thankful for in our lives and at Washington University.