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Advanced add/drop deadline puts professor interests above students

As students stream back to campus this year, they have been confronted with quite a few changes. Instead of making “Choices,” the freshmen now find their “Bearings.” Instead of living in Ruby, South 40 residents can now wax nostalgic about its heyday.

Medical Amnesty aims for reassurance, leaves uncertainty

A step forward from Wash. U.’s traditionally ambiguous expectations surrounding alcohol, the protocol will hopefully encourage students to seek help for themselves and/or their peers when they’re in danger. However, the protocol’s vague wording leaves much to be desired.

Freshman experience, connections should be pre-o focus

Around a third of this year’s freshman class flocked to campus four days early last week, preempting move-in day via participation in one of Washington University’s 17 pre-orientation programs.
In general, pre-orientation programs occupy the dual role of introducing new students to each other and campus as well as recruiting them to join a campus group or organization. For freshmen in the Leading Wash. U. Style pre-orientation program, for instance, the four days before orientation are a time for both making new friends and receiving an immersive experience in the world of Student Union.

Looking back at Ferguson: 1 year later

Aug. 9 marked the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo. More than a year later, the racial tensions and injustice both in Ferguson and throughout St. Louis—including on our own campus—remain far from quelled.

What Wash. U. can do better: An absolutely comprehensive list

Please fix the Wi-Fi. I really don’t care which one it is—WUSTL 2.0, WUSTL encrypted 2.0, WUSTL Guest—just make one of them work.

Mac Miller a logical choice, but time to shift priorities

We don’t envy the task of the WILD director. Faced with a student body marked by diverging tastes and a budget too limited to afford an artist with ubiquitous appeal, each semester is a delicate balancing act between maximizing the headliner’s popularity, promoting genre diversity and finding a performer engaging enough to convert newcomers. This can amount to something of a zero-sum game.

The liabilities of a tradition

With yet another incarnation of the ThurtenE Carnival in the books, Wash. U. students are once again left with more questions than answers, more gripes than good feelings about the whole event.

The Fight for the American Dream

The Fight for $15, a national movement that led hundreds of people to a rally on Brookings steps on Wednesday, is quickly establishing itself as yet another cause clamoring for Washington University students’ attention

Give us better options, not sterner warnings

Washington University has long touted itself as a leader in energy conservation and sustainability. Many of its programs, however, focus on the negative aspects of an action, rather than the positive.

Let them eat cake (and steak and seafood and everything else)

Limiting the foods that can and cannot be purchased with government assistance—including cheap, “unnecessary” treats like cookies and chips—is reminiscent of a parent telling a child that they can’t eat their cake if they misbehave.