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Summer send off: An ode to DUC 330

As the academic school year draws to a close, so does the end of an era: Student Life’s time in Danforth University Center room 330.

SU successfully allocates wide range of subjects, speakers for Trending Topics speaker series

Last year, the Student Life editorial board called upon Student Union to change their allocation process to account for their mixed priorities in balancing quality—i.e. name recognition—and quantity. However, with a 100 percent budget increase for Trending Topics, we believe Student Union has made respectable strides towards reconciling their two goals.

I want to ride my bicycle

Improving bike infrastructure will not only prepare campus for the inevitable influx of those two-wheeled annoyance machines, but they may also go a long way towards fostering understanding and acceptance for all modes of transportation at Wash. U.

Class recommendations

With registration coming up this week, the Student Life editorial board offers recommendations for classes you should (or shouldn’t take) this fall. Looking to find something fun?

Senate, Treasury should vote not to fund $300K request from Campus Life

Our editorial board recommends that Senate and Treasury vote not to fund the request due to a gross lack of specific information from the University on what the money would be used for, it being a misuse of the student activities fee and for its likelihood to set a bad precedent

Keep Etta’s Cafe open or provide more options

Several days ago, Washington University announced it would close Etta’s Cafe in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts in order “to focus on education and the quality of the programs we offer students.” Last time we checked, you can’t eat an education.

Quindlen well-suited for commencement address

Despite the lackluster response from the senior class—which can be attributed to her lack of name recognition—the Student Life editorial board believes Quindlen is a good choice and that students should keep an open mind despite her lack of name recognition.

WILD opener lives up to hype

In the past, Student Life has criticized Washington University’s Social Programming Board for it’s lack of cognizance of student wants or transparency, but, this time, we have to hand it to them—they did a pretty good job. Jason Derulo, while not the first name most people think of when picking a concert to attend, is a well-liked and reasonable pick.

A(n) __________ (STRONG ADJECTIVE) case against __________(COLLEGE-RELATED NOUN)

Campus has been buzzing over the recent __________ (NOUN) that __________ (VERB) last week. __________ (EXCLAMATION)!

New athletic director needs to provide stability and stay put

The University’s announcement of Anthony J. Azama as the new athletic director presents an opportunity for stability in the department.