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Top 10 Best songs to play while having sex

Everyone has one thing they hold most valuable when trying to set the proper mood for their sexual endeavors. For some it’s lighting, for others it’s obtaining the proper toys and foods, but for us at Cadenza, it’s ensuring that the music is just right. Thus, on this very special Valentine’s Day we are pleased to give you a list of 10 songs (in no specific order) and the situations in which they’ll best complement the sex you will be having.

1. Dave Matthews Band – “Crash” (First 30 seconds or so)

I know what you’re thinking. This is a sexy song. I suppose you could easily find that to be true. But what I find most fitting about it is the way in which it helps draw the comparison between the first time you had sex and the first time you took the family car out for a spin after getting your license.”crash.” And you thought you were so prepared.

2. Radiohead – “Everything in its Right Place”

While the lyrics don’t actually mean anything, this song is compelling to the point of being mesmerizing. This is a great track for the really romantic as it reminds those engaged in the sexual act that truly “everything is in its right place.”

3. Ratatat – “Wildcat”

Feeling frisky? This is the track for you. “Wildcat” features a sound sample of an actual, well.wildcat, mixed in with the electronic-instrumentals with which Ratatat creates its groove. This is one in which you can get into the rhythm without having to lose that extra intensity.

4. The Early November – “I Want to Hear You Sad”

“I Want to Hear You Sad” is emo at its best. Poppy and catchy as can be while being intensely bitter. Thus, it’s perfect for hate sex. For best effect use strangulation as your kink of choice during this sex session and add force during the chorus as singer Ace Enders belts out, “For all of this, I’m better off without you.”

5. The Faint – “Worked Up So Sexual”

A pulsing electronic beat with grotesquely sexual lyrics. This one works in any situation.

6. Her Space Holiday – “The Luxury of Loneliness”

The Postal Service-style electronic beats with more sullen vocals. This one’s perfect for a lonely, wistful boning, as the whole time it reminds you to ask yourself why you’re even having sex with that person in the first place. The empty feeling you’ll have inside before having sex to this song will not compare to that which you’ll have after.

7. Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.”

If sex for you is a party then this is a great one. Sync to the beat in your thrusting/bouncing to truly get into the groove.

8. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – “Falling Slowly”

This sweet sentimental little ditty sung by two lovers (with a 20-year age difference between them, kind of gross, I know) is one to set the mood after the next date at the movies seeing a romantic comedy.

9. Stars – “Heart”

Somewhat sad and somewhat sweet all at the same time, “Heart” is a good one for more calm occasions as well as, in particular, for make-up sex. Take comfort as the duo of Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan sing to you in the chorus, “I’m still in love with you.” Now that’s nice.

10. TV on the Radio – “I Was a Lover”

“I Was a Lover” has a fantastic electronic drumbeat that one can sync to. That combined with the spacey feeling of the horn parts make it a good song to jive to when trying to get that special feeling.

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