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New bear on campus


Visiting opponents will be greeted by a new Washington University symbol when they come to campus this year.

The school officially changed its logo prior to the 2006-2007 academic year. The new logo features “Washington” in green lettering in front of a red “U.” In the background sits a maroon bear grabbing the “U.” with its paw. The school colors and mascot remain the same, but the new logo features a full length, more intimidating bear.

“We wanted something more identifiable with Wash. U. athletics,” assistant sports information director Nick Povalitis said. “The new bear is more dynamic. It’s new, fresh, and represents the strength and success of Wash. U. athletics.” Povalitis also told Student Life that the addition of the text to the logo is the biggest change. The previous logo featured just the head of a bear with no writing.

An internal committee was set into place over a year ago to discuss the possibility of changing the logo. The committee consisted of Povalitis, sports information director Chris Mitchell, athletic director John Schael and other Washington University officials.

‘We were ready for a change,” said Povalitis.

The new logo was designed by Jim Ward. Ward is responsible for designing the logo for the University of Missouri as well as Maryville College. Outside of the sports world, he has also designed logos for Harley Davidson, Busch Gardens and Sea World.

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