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Wrighton addresses terrorist attacks

In a presentation to Shepley Residential Hall on Wednesday evening, Chancellor Mark Wrighton spoke to a group of undergraduate students about the role of a research university following the events of September 11.
Wrighton addressed several ways in which the attacks affected Washington University. He noted that the university maintains a large number of students and professors originally from locations outside the United States. Despite initial concerns that fewer students would be interested in applying to a school far from home, Wrighton said the number of freshmen applicants, including international applicants, has increased from last year.
The chancellor also discussed the role universities serve in informing people about other cultures, noting the significant increase of interest in Islamic studies. He acknowledged the increased participation by institutions in researching methods of confronting biological hazards, scanning airline luggage and protecting the country from cyber-terrorism.
Before Wrighton answered questions from some of the approximately 40 students present, he mentioned several changes that the university has made, or is planning to make, following the attacks. In particular, he stated the need to improve communication systems for alerting students and staff, backing up university records and reducing the number of cars on pedestrian areas of campus.
The event was sponsored by the William Greenleaf Eliot College Council, which represents residents of Shepley, Wheeler and Danforth Residential Halls.

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