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Congratulations on your great achievement!

Bernell Dorrough

Graduation from Washington University is a great achievement. Congratulations to all who are completing their studies and receiving their degrees. Your hard work, dedication, and persistence have contributed to the successful completion of the requirements for graduation. However, there are many who have assisted you along the path to the Quadrangle for commencement. Your parents and other family members, friends, other students, and faculty and staff have been a part of the support extended to assist in your success. I am proud of all of you and thank all those who have made your time at WU meaningful and rewarding.

WU is a far better university, because we have such talented students. The contributions made by our students during their time here foretell a brighter future for the world. Many wonderful student-led or student-driven activities in the last several years have proven to be rewarding for the university and for those we serve. Our new graduates leave the university a better place and have acquired an education that will serve them all their days. Beyond the academic aspects of the experience, lifelong friendships have been developed and there has been social and emotional maturation. Thus, our new graduates are ready to face new challenges that lie ahead.

The world our new graduates enter is one that is certainly rich in challenges. The economy has been weakened, international tension is high, and we are facing a new health threat from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). But our graduates span a wide range of intellectual interests and will bring much to make our world a better place. From work to cure and treat disease, to contributing to the development of new businesses, to working to address political problems, to making the world better through creative expression, our graduates are destined to make important contributions to society. There is no doubt that we can all look forward to a brighter future as our graduates begin their careers.

The entire WU community is proud to have played a role in contributing to the educational experience of our students. We take pride in being a part of a great university, focused on the success of its students. As the future unfolds we will look to our graduates as a source of inspiration for the next generation of students. Our impact as a university grows with each successive group of graduates, and it will be rewarding to follow the contributions of those who received their education at WU. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success to all of our graduates of 2003!

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