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The Venue Guide 2008

Scott Bressler

Did you somehow find time between Calculus and Chief English Writers to watch TV and catch a good preview? Read that the new Will Ferrell movie was actually funny again? Heard that your favorite obscure indie band was coming to the Pageant, but have no idea what that means? Here is your guide to movies and music venues around St. Louis-all of which you can get to without the use of a car. Walk or take St. Louis’ fine public transportation (free, thanks to your magical UPass) which I’ve found can often be just as entertaining as your destination.

Movie Venues

The Tivoli
Located right on the Loop, built in 1924, this theater, with three viewing screens, mostly shows foreign and independent films. The theater is a nice walk from campus, and with all the restaurants on the Loop, you can get dinner before the movie, or Ben and Jerry’s after. If you’re walking coming from campus, just take a right at Blueberry Hill.

To check tickets and showtimes online:

The Esquire
The Esquire is also a short walk from campus, located on the corner of Clayton Road and Big Bend, right by St. Louis Bread Co. (also known as Panera). This is my least favorite movie theater in St. Louis, but I’m obligated to inform you of its existence. The Esquire shows more recent, mainstream films.

The Galleria 6
Conveniently located downstairs by the food court in the St. Louis Galleria, which is right off the Brentwood stop on the MetroLink. I wasn’t used to paying less than $10 for a movie after 6 p.m. but here students pay $6 all the time. The theaters are average sized and the seats recline. If you’re afraid your movie is going to be sold out, you can just get there early because remember, you are in a mall. My biggest complaint is that there is no trivia before the movie starts, but instead, you get advertisements to buy wine and beer at the concession stand, so it’s a pretty fair trade-off.

Chase Park Plaza Cinemas
My favorite movie theater, located in the hip niche of St. Louis known as the Central West End. My friends and I usually go to the movies and then get dessert and coffee at a quirky café. The five theaters themselves are cozy and adorable with ornate hand-painted walls. There is stadium seating, the seats recline. If you’re lucky, you will get to listen to the manager as he doubles as organ player before the movie starts, and when you leave, they give you candy.

To get to the Chase Park Plaza take the metro to the Central West End stop, taking a right out of the station. Walk about four blocks and take a right on Lindell Blvd.

The Moolah-“St. Louis’ largest living room”
The Moolah is an amazingly weird place. It is literally a large living room with couches set up sporadically in front of a huge projection screen (there are actual seats too, but the couches are why you go to the Moolah). The theater shows mainstream movies during the day. But, the best movies are those shown at midnight. They are usually offbeat films like The Warriors and Labyrinth.

To get to the Moolah, you can walk a little more than a mile from the Central West End Stop. Just take a left on Lindell and you’ll eventually reach the theater. Or, you can take the WUSTL Gold bus from Mallinckrodt (or the DUC) to the Central West End bus station. Then take Metro Bus Routes 92 or 93 from the station and get off at Vandeventer. It’s kind of a pain to get there, but it’s worth it every once and a while.

The Metro Train and Bus routes and timetables can be found at

Music Venues

The Pageant
The Pageant can be found on the Loop. Just take a left when you get to Blueberry Hill, and keep walking (it’s past the Tivoli). It’s a pretty small venue, ticket prices are reasonable and most shows are general admission. This is to your advantage because you feel really close to the stage no matter where you are standing, and you can usually see everything going on stage. The Pageant usually scores some pretty big acts too. There are tables and other seating if you’re over 21.

To see who’s coming to The Pageant, you can check out their calendar.

The Gargoyle
The student-run Gargoyle is conveniently located in the lower level of Mallinckrodt. What’s great is the tickets are almost always free with your Wash. U. ID and they bring in both local and national acts. Last year, the Gargoyle hosted Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Cascada, Girl Talk and Stars, among others.

Saint Louis University’s Billiken Club
Essentially SLU’s Gargoyle equivalent, the Billiken Club is on the bottom floor of SLU’s Busch Student Center. It’s about a ten-minute walk from the Grand stop off the MetroLink. In the past, they’ve had acts like British Sea Power, Dan Deacon and The Mountain Goats.
You can find upcoming acts at

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